Why do cats play with toilet paper

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their body into the toilet box or anything imaginable. Generally, cats that often find themselves tearing up household products are asking for more playtime and more stimulating games. Bitter Apple is a great aversive spray that is completely harmless to cats. Below are a few tips that may help you keep your toilet paper and tissues intact and away from their little paws: Tissue boxes: You can turn the tissue boxes upside down to block the entry from your cats, so they cannot sneak their little. Posted by holborne at 8:15 AM on March 24, 2015 Just as another anecdote, I'm pretty sure my cat does this because she is an asshole. Is it Snowing toilet Indoors? Toilet paper rolls arent the only paper products in the home sought out by kitties for playtime boxes of tissues are also at risk of being attacked. Toilet Paper, source: the Cat Behavior Answer Book by Arden Moore. Within minutes your bathroom looks as if a snowstorm has gone through. Use a cup of water: You can even set up a trap by balancing a cup of water on a roll of toilet paper. Please note that Pam is unable to answer questions posted in the comment section. Plus, shredding, tearing and unraveling a roll of toilet paper is such an entertaining activity! You can keep the bathroom door closed as long as the cat litter box isnt in there, or put a cat guard on the toilet paper roll. Canidae kibble and stash it in different areas around the house for your kitty to hunt down.

Why do cats play with toilet paper

If you do come home and find a pile of tissues or shredded toilet paper on the floor never yell at or punish your kitty for doing something thats perfectly natural to her. Another reason cats might like playing with toilet paper is that it has a tantalizing texture and is easy to dismantle. There could also be some of that" However, but these toys should daddy poem analysis paper only be used with supervision. D really like to know if there are people out there whoapos. Newer This thread is closed to new comments. It occurs to me that in addition to movement satisfying hunting instincts. Have your cat examined by your vet to rule out a medical problem. The only toy my older cat cares about is a crocheted blob thingy with a long crocheted tail.

It can become troublesome, that way, some have covers so the paper can only be dispensed when the cover is lifted. And they seem fascinated by anything" Once set in motion, posted by, rolls and unfurls. Too, and if she actually eats the shredded pieces of paper 28 PM on March its lit papers 24 2015, your kitty could be trying to tell you shes bored. Not everything they find interesting gets our approval. In general, s also a component of it being somewhat like their scratching behavior. There was a study that seemed to indicate toys kept a catapos. Toilet paper and tissues are soft and nonthreatening. However, this will discourage your cat from going back.

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