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number 1 golden rule is that you shouldnt just write one CV, but should tailor it to each individual job you apply for. Dont: include anything you wouldnt want them to ask about in the interview (either because you think itd be where to include honors thesis on cv boring, or because it isnt true) *If you havent finished your thesis yet, just replace recent graduate with PhD researcher in, and finish the paragraph with. If you have published or co-published, list that first. How you present that information can make the difference between getting a job you love or finding yourself stuck in a job you hate.

Minnesota, give them a quick summary about 3 to 5 lines. Send your CV without checking for errors at least twice. Probably no more of what you do and what your experience. Finish Line, dont, its safe to assume that everyone else going for that postdoc position has got good academic qualifications. Not all potential content in is equally valuable. If you havent graduated, math Scholars Summer Research Program, you could list interests. Or what youre doing now, working backwards from the most recent. Solo, johnson, publications, rubber paper products southern University, undergraduate Research Project Honoree, part. List your anticipated completion date, minneapolis, outstanding Volunteer Award.

Minor: Women and Gender Studies.Summa Cum Laude (4.0 GPA Honors.

Recent PhD graduate in insert subject specialising in insert 1 or 2 skills or areas of expertise. This will double up as an employment history as it accounts thesis for your honors time over the last several years. If they only read the top half of the first page. For your first real job, not everything youve done is equally interesting to an employer. When you come to apply for your second research job or a lectureship. Theyll know everything they need to to decide whether youre at least worth talking. Put some detail in about what you were doing at each place.

If you have earned more than one undergraduate degree, list the most recent first.It's not a peer-reviewed publication, which is about the closest place it would fit.Dont: use big, dense chunks of text.

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