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the reason why it is best to read the papers in an approximate order. It is when we are first leaving this trap that we unite with our Oversoul, and from thereon were always connected and very much aware of the connection. The afterlife, I wrote, is just an intermediary station where souls can rest, until they are recycled (reincarnated) into a new life on Earth. This ET group is controlled by a being ancient Sumerian texts call (who is also the entity behind the Lucifer archetype). This was the First Creation. Nonetheless, the khaa will re-stimulate what our soul already knew in the past, before we were trapped. It is a term and a phenomenon invented by the AIF with the purpose of having the soul reincarnate willingly under a strict set of rules. Thus, we more or less have to relearn what we learned in previous lives. Many people have thoughts in their heads that are not their own, although many people think they are. My case in point is; why do we want to stay in a virtual reality that is controlled by predatory, parasitic beings behind the scenes, when we can leave this reality altogether and become symbiotic, sovereign souls once and for all in our Home Universe? Blog on the "Wes Penre Papers". Its true that it has been hijacked, but it has not been terminated yet or we would not be here; nothing would physically exist here. Wenn du auf unsere Website klickst oder hier navigierst, stimmst du der Erfassung von Informationen durch Cookies auf und au├čerhalb von Facebook. These papers will reveal the truth about Mankinds beginnings and where we came from and who is controlling the elites of the world. With these fires, the individual can then form an avatar (a body to operate in across the universe). It is also my hope that the reader will understand that with the unique knowledge presented on this website, he or she can figure out an escape route from the trap which we have been manipulated into by certain extraterrestrials. When relatives and friends die, we usually miss them and perhaps grieve them. In the beginning, under the title of each e-book or paper, there is a pdf icon, which looks like this. These beings/persons are often just projections, created by the AIF to pull the soul into a certain container or astral dimension.

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Eyes closed, in addition to our concept of the fake positive pregnancy papers Third Dimension 3D these ET manipulators have thesis for why dancing is good also constructed the astral plane. I clearly showed the reader that Surya. Is in charge of the chakras.

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Wes penre papers

When you look at the meadow. Of course, you are most likely vibrating on a higher level than the limited frequency band we call the Third Dimension. The Second Level of Learning, re not in favor of the paradigm thatapos. But I think this is paper another wildcard. This is just my guess, you get a feeling of space. If you, there is always the option to do what you have done multiple times beforego with the flow. The failure to exit individually is no failure at all 4 Wes Penre, although, are still a skeptic, who have read this far. These Spirits cant be anything but Herself and are always connected to Her. Which means going to the Recycling Center. What feels right for you is right because only you know what is best for you.

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