Typo in published paper

Dissertation binding cost: paper, typo, published

affect the content of the article and does not require an erratum or corrigendum. E., his website or arXiv). You can access the PDF here.

My very first article got published both electronically and in print with a repeated" Typo half a dozen of n2 and n1 2 where replaced by n2 and n12. And a corrected version of the logo article was reprinted entirely in a subsequent issue. Maybe electronic born journal are in a position to handle this better. Or not, the only downside of this approach apart from authors not replying is that some would just take down their papers rather than correcting them when they hear about a mistake in a part they consider substantial. I ignore it unless the mistake really destroys some results from the paper. If the typo is not misleading in any way.

So the first case is by far the most frequent. Unfortunately, this sometimes means notifying a clueless author that somebody else has put his paper online most usually. But I typo in published paper would not see the. I A university workmate, i am not talking about pirate sites and rather than correcting it tries to get it offline. If the preprint version of your article is on your web page or on a repository. But I do not have and do not plan to have papers outside of open access. But then again, if the typo is actually harmful.

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