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(see our LinksDossier on the Energy Green Paper much more attention is paid to increasing energy efficiency in the transport sector. There is scope for other existing South East airports, including London City, Norwich, Southampton and some smaller airports, to help meet local demand, and their further development is supported in principle, subject to relevant environmental considerations. Transport networks experienced particularly deadly terrorist attacks. At the global level, the Government will play a major role in pressing for new solutions and stronger action by international bodies. It emphasises the importance of aviation for the tourism industry, and of air freight for business in general. Back to legislation search. The document also intends to shape the development of transport corridor and Bruneis connec vity with neighbouring States and the sub-region for the movement of people, goods and services as well as to facilitate businesses and development of transport industries. The option to develop a new airport at Cliffe is not supported. Substantial terminal development at Glasgow Airport is supported, and should be safeguarded. In doing so, it takes account of all relevant factors, including views expressed in an extensive consultation exercise which attracted over 500,000 responses. An urgent programme of work and consultation will be started to examine this issue further and to consider how best use can be made of the existing airport. As part of this approach, the Government believes more needs to be done to reduce and mitigate the impacts of air transport and airport development. The European Federation for Transport and Environment (T E) says that the revised European transport policy is unsustainable, fails to set clear objectives for reducing pollutant and noise emissions, and completely ignores the health and environment objectives set out just six days earlier in the EU Sustainable. The main conclusions are summarised below. Its increased affordability has opened up the possibilities of foreign travel for many people, and it provides the rapid access that is vital to many modern businesses. Hard copies of the White Paper (priced 25) and/or a free summary document may be requested by telephoning. However, it laments the under-investment in new road infrastructure under the TENs programme. South West England There is potential for beneficial growth at airports in the South West. Looking at other broader issues, the White Paper sets out the Government's approach to the crucial areas of aviation safety and security, as well as proposals for further action to promote consumer interests. Birmingham Airport is the preferred location for an additional runway. Development of increased capacity at Belfast International Airport within its existing boundary is supported. The Government recognises too that for many areas of the UK the availability of air services to London is crucial to their economic transport white paper uk prosperity. Executive Summary, this White Paper sets out a strategic framework for the development of airport capacity in the United Kingdom over the next 30 years, against the background of wider developments in air transport. Timeline : Transport ministers held a first debate on the proposal. The option for two new runways at Gatwick is not supported. The Government recognises the benefits that the expansion in air travel has brought to people's lives and to the economy of this country. People with visual difficulties may find it useful to learn about improving the accessibility of Acrobat documents at the Adobe Accessibility Resource Centre.

Additional terminal capacity within the airport boundary at Bournemouth Airport is supported. In case the conditions attached to the construction of a third Heathrow runway cannot be met. Sets out a strategic framework for the development of airport capacity in the United Kingdom over the next 30 years. By curbing the demand for road transport via pricing mechanisms and revitalising alternative transport modes. Land should be safeguarded for this. And since there is a strong case on its own merits for a new widespaced runway at Gatwick after 2019. The GreensEFA group, in their guidance, the option of a new airport between white Coventry and Rugby is not supported. To address these problems, strategies and decisions, subject to action to minimise impacts on environmentally sensitive sites and improved access. The White Paper apos, health and the environment, although the Commission maintains that this remains a priority.

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The development of a second runway at Luton is not supported. Against the wider context of the air transport sector. So failure to allow paper for increased capacity could have serious economic consequences.

The option of a new airport north of Bristol is not supported.The expansion of Bristol Airport, including a runway extension and new terminal, is supported, subject to certain conditions.Wales, cardiff should remain the main airport serving South Wales, and the concept of a new airport in South East Wales is not supported.

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