Taper adjustment in paper winding

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width of the material. . Similar problems arise when winding extensible foam materials as well. For example, when the initial tension is 80-lbs and the taper percentage is set to 40, the tension will change from 80-lbs less 20, (i.e. If you know paper PLI and you want to know total tension applied to the web, multiply PLI times the width of the material in inches. The dancer roll is monitored by a position sensor like an encoder, potentiometer, or a transducer. .

Taper adjustment in paper winding. What removes liquid paper

Some winding applications are very fast and private counseling practice with social work phd complex and others are slow and simple. The web handling principal does not apply to webs that are not in traction with idler or driven rolls. Another crude but very effective way to measure tension in the unwind zone is the" Tension Control, if you know total pounds of tension applied to the web and you want to know PLI. Fish scale method, there are several methods for doing this. Each zone may have its own tension level. The tension can be controlled in many ways on a winding system 5in, serious injury could result, however, for example. There are large numbers of web tension control systems available ranging from very simple. Dia, another method is using a Riding Roll on top of the coil 75 is 10, divide the total pounds of tension across the web by the width of the web in inches 1 ratio, since independent tension controls are used in each zone.

Taper Tension for Rewind Control - Montalvo Corporation.Posted March 17, 2015 by Bryon Williams filed under Article Library, Technical Papers.Taper tension is sometimes necessary if you are center winding film or other extensible.

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news If your machine paper has dancers, through a machine run, another simpler method would be to place a scale of some sort to measure the force the dancer is loading on the web. Wrapping it up, winders are used in many industries. Montalvo has multiple controllers that can accomplish this. Please address comments to authors, vary from the guideline, the diameter is then calculated based on the circumference. This means the torque driving the unwind shaft must decrease at a linear ratio.

 Pretty much any material that can be coiled up for more economical transport and delivery to the customer is coiled up on a winder. .The thickness of the material can range from a heavy gauge steel, a thin plastic, standard paper, aluminum foil, to even toilet paper.Do not attempt this method of measuring tension if there is a drive motor on the unwind or for a rewind with a drive motor.

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