Sweet corn in microwave wax paper

24 x 42 paper coating: paper, corn, sweet, microwave, wax

can add flavors or toppings that will cook right into the corn. 4, microwave the corn. The YouTube video that inspired this experiment can be found here. Another way to shuck the corn is by cutting the harder end of the corn which makes the husk come away automatically. Method 2 Microwaving Shucked Corn 1 Shuck the corn if necessary. Here's how you can check for ripeness: Look for corn with tassels, paper or strings, that are brown and sticky instead of dry and yellow. The corn should be clean and smooth. Unwrap just the end of a stick of butter and use it like a pen on hot corn. Another way is to take each cob and wrap in saran or plastic wrap. You may not have to add sugar, if cooking this type of bi-color corn. Pat dry to remove the excessive water. The husk itself contains little water, so it will remain relatively cool. Peel the corn carefully so as to avoid burning yourself. Pick off the individual strands of silk that remain stuck to the corn. You can soak the paper towel with liquid flavorings like lemon or lime juice to gently enhance the flavor of the corn without making a mess. Things You'll Need Microwave Plate Paper towel (optional) Knife and cutting board References Article Summary X To microwave corn thats been shucked, cover your corn with a wet paper towel and microwave it for 2-4 minutes. If the corn is scorched or mushy, it is overcooked use less time in the future. Follow our 4 easy steps for microwave cooking fresh ears of sweet corn in the husk. You may cover the corn with a wet paper towel or put it in a dish with a microwave safe lid. It will be extremely hot. I also like cooking the corn in its husk. Add sugar to the boiling water. Finally, let your corn cool for a minute before you remove the husks. i made my own video (only 22 seconds long). . When husking the corn, try to grab on the cornsilk in hunks. Alternately, cut off only the silk and the stem from the corn, and remove the outer dried leaves. You can also try a farmer's market or even grow your own.

Method 1, method 1 paper circuit pen Microwaving Corn in the Husk. Sugar and Cream corn is one of the sweetest eating varieties found at the market. A fun craft for children or the young at heart are creating corn husk dolls.

To cook in waxed paper : Cut squares of waxed paper.Husk corn and remove silks.Spoke fashion in microwave oven.

Be cautious and use oven mitts or corn tongs corn to handle hot corn. The microwave method produces great results in a shorter period of time. But not hard as little pebbles. Please rewrite the recipe in your own unique words and link back. Note that every microwave is different. All photos and content are copyright protected. You can also use a clean tea or kitchen towel.

Like my favorite grilling method for cooking corn, you dont shuck the corn first, but leave it in its husk.Remove from microwave and allow to cool 2 minutes so you don't get burned while removing paper towel after cooking.(But dont let me stop you!).

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