Rudolph paper craft

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Construction paper in brown, red, black, pink and white. Draw the cute little ears and antlers that look like weird sea creatures. Let the paint dry completely). It was my inspiration for creating this kid-friendly Rudolph Craft. Draw big, ferocious, scary fangs! Thank you for supporting Craftwhack! Dip the eraser of your pencil into the paint and then stamp form it onto your paper to make snowflakes. With your paper still folded, pencil-draw Rudolph, starting with a big oval for his mouth area and a big old round nose. Use your glue stick to glue all the pieces down on your 12 inch crown by 12 inch blue cardstock paper. Unlock VIP Printables - Become a Member. Please ignore my hideous fingernails. Have your child cut out all the pattern pieces. Disclosure Policy for more information. Affiliate links may be included in this post. Trace your childs hand onto the brown construction paper and cut out, leave extra length in the wrist area. I think it is such darling artwork. Allow to dry, more Reindeer Crafts for Kids, if you need another super easy craft idea why not make a salt dough reindeer ornament.

What is a paper draft check Rudolph paper craft

paper Fold it down so about 5 is left at the paper bottom. Pink, and they need to keep their little hands busy and laugh until they pee with a Rudolph craft. White and black piece of cardstock.

Pencil with a good eraser.Print off the Rudolph pattern (page 1 and page 2 cut out.

Rudolph paper craft

Color everything in using traditional deer colors or vibrant rainbow crazy colors. Continue doing this rego to add as many snowflakes as you would like. You may also enjoy, aaaaaaaahhhhhhhh Rudolph has turned into an evil predator. Add glitter glue to embellish if you wish. Materials, additional cut outs, and I expect I will win get some people who want a printable version.

(See video if youre confused).With brand new resources added on weekly basis you will never run out of fun things to make with your kids (either as a parent or as a teacher).

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