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last minute gift box solution! People with a origami Instructables will be posted on the origami club and you can join the club every time you want. Step 3: Ripe or Cut, after you fold the rectangle a lot of times you have two choices 1 If your sure it ok to rip. 2 People Made This Project! Lift up all 4 sides, creasing the bottom edges if needed to help the box stand up strong. If you are looking for a fancier style of origami box, check out the. There are also a few to organize makeup inside drawers, and you can make larger ones from A3 or A2 sized sheets of paper, which make great drawer organizers for kids clothes. Then fold it at the back. Learning this trick means you don't need to buy expensive origami papers, you can use whatever size paper you have available, usually this paper is rectangular or printer paper. People who are advance in origami can join my group. Origami Rectangle Box Step 6: Now fold the top right and left corners to the vertical crease. After you cut out the rectangle throw it away or use it to make small square paper for small origami making. In fact, rather than buy boxes, why not make your own? Do the same for the bottom left corner. In the photo you can see it is great for storing pens and pencils on a desk, or stationary items like rubber, sharpeners and even small calculators. Origami Rectangle Box Step 2: Now fold both the right and left sides to meet rectangular paper square origami in the center. Square from a Rectangle Method 2: If you need a square sheet without the diagonal creases, try the next method. Origami Rectangle Box Step 9: OK, we're almost done. Use the edge as a guide to cut off the lower rectangle. Rotate one of them and overlay the two sheets perpendicular to one another. Cake Box for intermediate to advanced folders! From Nikita in Houthalen Belgium " It's the rectangular origami box, with a slightly bigger one over it for a lid. I'm using it as an outbox for mail, and it's super convenient! Origami Rectangle Box Step 4: Fold the bottom and top sides to meet at the center line. You can save the excess paper for another project. Usually, origami starts with a square sheet, this time it will be rectangular.

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Start off with a space piece of printer paper. Comic books or music scores, which would be fine for models. A basic pair of scissors works just fine. Comment and Submit your photo using the comment box at the end of this page. Learn how to make a useful rectangular origami box from an A4 or letter sized sheet of paper.

This is a simple yet practical origami rectangle box.If you use sturdier paper or card stock, you can easily fold many of these origami rectangle boxes and use.Learn how to get a square of paper from rectangular paper in these.

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Put one of your hand to the triangle and the other hand ripes the triangle out. The origami box was easy but the corners where a bit hard my box turned out really fireplace paper logs long. They look beautiful and functional, you can start with any size of rectangle. If so, origami Rectangle Box Step 8, fold the rectangle that is under the triangle and fold the whole rectangle up to the triangle like on image. From Josephine in Australia" take a sheet of rectangular paper and fold it as shown. quot; ve to do is to open the box. Method 1, remove the top sheet and you will get a square with no creases. Repeat Step 7 for the top half.

This simple origami box takes only a few minutes to fold, and requires very few origami tools.Fold in half on the vertical axis.It is for people who want to learn origami.

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