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main components of a doctoral dissertation and their order. Illustrations, but appears as, list of Illustrations in the table of contents. However if you need to move your tables or figures around and the order or page number changes, dont forget contents to update your list! Science without religion is lame; religion without science is blind. Printed by Tromsprodukt AS, Tromsø, Norway. The same applies to subsections and sub-subsections. Notes The notes section must be arranged by chapters, with chapter numbers and even chapter titles serving as section titles. Department of Culture and Literature, faculty of Humanities, Social Sciences and Education. And what is the difference between a bibliography and a list of references? Choose short title chapters; in case this is not possible, consider having shorter versions to be used in the Table of Contents and as running heads. The back matter of a dissertation comprises the following parts: Appendix The material found in the appendix is not essential to the dissertation, but can be helpful for the reader who seeks further information. First and foremost, you should thank your main supervisor, followed by the co-supervisor(s) and the people who have helped you shape your academic profile. The pages in the front matter are assigned lowercase roman numerals (i, ii, iii, iv ). Final chapter/Conclusion The final chapter of a dissertation is almost inevitably called Conclusion. Issn, iSBN, your university might not have a standard for a copyright page. Bibliography/Reference List A reference list includes all sources cited in the work. A thesis requires a detailed table of contents that lists the headings and page numbers of each section. In some dissertations, the middle chapters are journal articles where the doctoral candidate is a first author. Each of them contains several parts.

List of Illustrations optional the list of illustrations contains all illustrations in the dissertation and the page numbers where they can be found. What comes first the appendix get or thermal the bibliography. For instance, science and Fiction in Norway, the publisher.

Do acknowledgements follow or precede the table of contents?Disser tation submitted for the degree of Philosophiae Doctor (PhD).The Table of Contents (TOC) is an organized listing of the chapters and major sections of your document.

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Select, add bits in or remove others. Acknowledgement In the hipaa dissertation statement acknowledgement you thank the people who have contributed to your doctoral degree by providing academic supervision. Kids, friendship, sample table of contents, these can be background readings. Administrative support, etc, located on floor accounting past papers grade 12 2 of Koerner Library.

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