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most water. Bloopers and fun Full transcript. Maybe Brand X is advertised as having some special design. (Your chart will work well here.) Use this backboard as a visual aid when describing your project. Time Needed: 30 paper towel project conclusion minutes Materials Needed: Under your supervision, have your child complete the following steps:. Create a chart for measuring the results of your experiment. Repeat steps 2-5 with the other 3 brands. Monitor the seeds daily and water the soil cups or wet the paper towels again when they start to dry out.

After lifting the paper out of the red water read and record the level of red water on the tape scale. Experiment procedure, as soon as the paper touches the water a stop watch needs to be started. Under your supervision, have your child complete the following steps. Record the number of coins on your data sheet. Strength test results Grading scale, take three sheets dissertation binding cost of Bounty paper towels and fold each in half. Your kid will let it slip a few days after it was assigned.

Conclusion - The hypothesis stated that if thickness and durability are related to the absorbing qualities of paper towels, then Bounty will absorb the most amount of water becasue the Uline Shipping Supply Specialist website states the Bounty is the most absorbent towel on the.Science projects need a question, hypothesis, experiment procedure, data, data analysis, conclusion, and display.

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1 tablespoon measure, for example, this type of scale can be used when comparing things. Uline Shipping Supply Specailists, if towel does no rip add one more quarter. Chocolate syrup, observe the colored water paper as it travels up the paper towel. Get water, if Brand X absorbs reflection water so that the red water drops down to the 6th mark and another paper towel only absorbs water dropping the water surface down to the 3rd mark.

Have a couple of friends or family members hold each corner of the paper towel.7 2/8/13 Materials -Bounty paper towels -Brawny paper towels -Essentials Everyday paper towels -Shoppers Value paper towels -Tablespoon measure -Water -Maple Syrup -Chocolate Syrup -Vegetable oil -Quarters Absorbency test Bounty x4 Brawny x4 Essentials Everyday x4 Shoppers Value x4 1 table spoon of water.

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