Paper towel holder in kitchen drawer

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anywhere visible, no matter how pretty the holder. . Prepare to be blown away. This way, your paper towels do not look like an after thought. And since the main thing I use paper towels for is food (like when I make plantain chips and take them out of the oil and let them drain on plate lined with paper towels putting them under the sink where the trash can and. Well, if you liked my pony walls, youre going to be blown away by this project! . He used a dowel rod, and for ease of changing rolls, the top of the opening is a little wider than the bottom (you pop the dowel up and out when the roll is empty). 8 Great Ideas for Hanging Paper Towels photo by TZS Design if you are looking for a complete designer kitchen, then perhaps a paper towel drawer is right up your alley. This is sheer engineering genius right here, folks! . And thats an understatement. . I found these at Home Depot. I use the extra room to store additional rolls, she says. However, I am thinking that something like this could be made relatively easy. January 15, 2015 63 Comments *Post contains affiliate links. (The center hole on the larger washer was way too big for a screw to hold.). If you have an even better idea than was mentioned here, please feel free to share it with us! You May Also Like These. This is one of those suuuuper strong neodymium magnets, and I found some that had a hole in the middle just the right size for a screw to fit through. . I stink kitchen at organization. photo by Richard Landon Design ). To do this, you will need an under mount paper towel holder. Obviously, those work just fine, but if you are looking for some more ingenious ways to hide away your paper towels, then you have got to check out these great ideas! The end with the two washers screwed into it keeps the dowel from sliding through the hole. I wish I had enough drawers to dedicate to paper towels, but my drawers are prime real estate space in my kitchen. Interior designer Cherie Miller of, cDH Designs liked the idea so much that she added the feature to her own kitchen.

I needed a place for my paper towels. She says, in one end, i screwed on two washers a larger one to keep the smaller one from going through the hole in the side of the drawer. Because it is made of pottery. Then I measured and marked for placement of the dowel just using a full roll of paper towels to gauge where it needed to go and using my 1 18inch spade bit. She says she paper towel holder in kitchen drawer had her cabinetmaker create one as a trial run for a job she had coming. Then on the other end, i drilled a hole in each side of the drawer.

You have got to see this article. LLC beneath a cabinet is probably one of the best locations for paper towels. To make things have a more finished look. But not as much as having a cabinet custom made. My paper towels can now be hidden away out of sight. Cut a slightly smaller opening in a second piece of wood cut to fit the interior dimensions of you cabinet.

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