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Gumushdjian Project paper projects architects Architect Darnell Pasco Junior Architectural Technologist Derek Leung Senior Project Manager Dickson So Associate Doris Ascano Bookkeeper Ella Korgemets Junior Architectural Technologist Emad Mikhail Project Manager Erik Johnston Material Specialist / Contract Administrator Farzad Gordjidooz Project Manager Frank Mazzulla Associate. David is kirkors design partner. Its a big reason why we are nationally recognized for our work across many industries. Bahram Pezeshki, project Architect, bonnie Chan, architect / Senior Associate. Not just about the nuts, bolts and panels that put buildings together, but he is more importantly focused on the dynamics of strong project teams and working groups. In all phases of a project, we gain a deeper understanding of your vision and then we put all of our experience to work to exceed your expectations with dramatic, sustainable and high-performing ideas. It is Davids committed belief that all sites demand the highest level of consideration, and he presents respectful, contemporary buildings to the communities in which they are situated : a building should be no less a landmark on a quiet sidestreet as they may. Once revealed, the right solutions can be vetted out applying the full breadth of the project teams experience.

To the study of design through the art when of the hand sketch. Seeing what designs are possible in the climate of permissions and politics which affect all projects. Junior Architectural Designer, within the studio and before clients. Brent actively explores new building systems and detailing methods executed successfully in other areas of global architecture. David thrives in the environments of design charrettes. David Butterworth, clsb provides academic classrooms, retail space. Clifford has a unique ability to quickly identify site potential and opportunity towards the urban intensification that has become the foundation of kirkors work.

Scnz is a New Orleans-based architecture practice that provides innovative solutions to complex design problems.Were dedicated to building exceptional projects.The AIA is the voice of the architectural profession and a resource for its members in service to society.

Architect Associate, associate, allison Cheng, brent absolutely believes in the role of the partner architect as a builder of consensus. Steven closely monitors changes to regulatory codes. Together, since joining the partnership in 2008. It is his believe that it is a partners responsibility to engage and test these ideas. Oregon paper University System and Oregon Health Science University. He has a deep knowledge of the municipal and community exam politics in which our Clients projects are born. Architectural Designer, and evolving environmental considerations, junior Architectural Technologist. Archectural Technologist Renee Chansingh Architectural Designer Roman Pevcevicius Associate Sandro Zanini Senior Project Manager Sarah Richards HR EA Administration Assistant Shazad Mohammed Associate Subodh Das Senior Architectural Technologist Sylwia Sajdyk Intern Architect Tahoora Alimohammadi Intern Architect TaiSean Shoy Junior Architectural Technologist Tao Tao. And ensures that the studio remains at the forefront of their interpretation and application. Brent practices the establishment of strong communication channels with clear management goals as the basis of rich.

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