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the snow or doing any water activities, wed recommend bringing along some dry bags or waterproof cases to keep your phone and any electronic gear dry. If you need an item like a hat, those are easy to find, but Id sort out your winter coat, thermals, boots, and other important items before you. For men, a couple of suggestions are these wool boot socks and these cold weather crew socks. . Things to look for in warm winter pants for Finland: Synthetic materials like polyester and polyester blends are often best for pants because they are quick drying and more likely to be water-resistant or waterproof. If you are also visiting cities or doing a lot of indoor activities during your trip, Id also recommend packing a regular pair of shoes to wear for indoor days and for travel days. Remember that you can still get sun damage during the winter, and youll want to protect your skin as you would in the summer as the snow is a great reflector. If you are planning on going off to do winter activities independently, youll want to make sure to bring along waterproof snow pants (ski pants work great). Choose a baselayer designed for cold weather temperatures. Be sure to buy something you can move freely in and that isnt too tight, especially if you are going to be doing hiking, climbing, or winter activities in them. Socks that quickly become soggy or dont fit well will lead to cold feet and blisters. To help you out, heres all the above information in a list form! Although any of your favorite retail clothing stores should have all the winter basics like scarfs, hats, and sweaters if you are buying during the winter season. Address and label the package according to shipper requirements, pay for the service and hand the item over to the postal service or shipping company providing the service. I personally generally wear hats like this one or this one and when it is really cold and windy I often layer. Weve also created a handy printable packing list you can use to check-off your items as you pack for your winter trip to Finland. However, generally for saunas frequented by tourists, most visitors feel more comfortable wearing swimwear although you can also go nude at most. Keeping spare batteries in your chest pocket under your coat can also keep them warm and from going flat as quickly. I bought a pair of winter gloves before hiking Mount Kilimanjaro and on the day of the summit I realized that my gloves were not nearly warm enough and my fingers were freezing! Polyester items are also more durable than wool so will usually last longer. Swimwear You may not need to pack swimwear, but if you are planning to go to a sauna or an indoor swimming pool, youll want to pack one.

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We provide packing suggestions and tips for winter coats, warm winter clothing, footwear, electronics, items to protect your gear, and what you'll need.Weve put together a suggested Finland winter packing list that lists all the essentials youl need for your trip based on our own research and.

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Even if the coat is already waterproof. If you have never been to a sauna before. Or thermal underwear, these will prevent the coat from shifting holder inside the box which can cause all sorts of damage. This is one investment I would definitely make before going to Finland in the winter. Outer Layers of Clothing Warm winter coat or parka Mid Layers Fleeces.

Tips include bringing along spare camera batteries and using large Ziploc bags to both protect and transition equipment from the cold outdoors to the warm indoors.Warm Socks Choosing warm, moisture-wicking, and well-fitting socks is very important.Some lighter base layers are designed for milder climates.

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