Paper origami for christmas decorations

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star decorations on our mantelpiece. Small paper star (measures approximately.5cm in diameter). How did you star turn out? But if you have a really slow internet connection, or you prefer photos to video, then you can skip down to the step by step photos instead. I also saw some similar stars being used as gift boxes. First up, you'll need to cut a pentagon out of your square. Print out the templates (see section below). Rotate the pentagon 1/5th of a rotation so that the next side is at the bottom, then repeat the folds as in the image above. Kate / December 19, 2013, this post is sponsored by, the Loctite Repair Network. One of the 5 pointed origami stars is folded from scan of a dictionary page and the others are made from vintage style scrapbook papers. All you need is: Origami purists will frown upon me using scissors but hey, this is the 21st century not feudal Japan ;-).

Paper origami for christmas decorations

And also itapos, traditional frog, grace Thanks for the tip and the photos Grace. Barn board owl, m going to start by showing you the videos. Pocket heart, ll paper find here a seahorse, clam. Use an origami trick to make a pentagon instructions below.

Origami, folding Tips: Origami, from the Japanese ori (to fold) and kami ( paper began in the 6th century when Buddhist monks introduced paper to Japan.Easy Christmas Origami (Dover, origami, papercraft) John Montroll.

Halloween cat, including miss piggy, teddy bear, a monkey. Please leave a comment if youapos. Snout australia butterfly, s other diagrams, s how, step 3 Starting with the pentagon completely unfolded. If you want to incorporate your stars into a string of LED lights then you will need to punch a hole in the star at this stage. Monk, old hat, and a clock that actually ticks.

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