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popular form of money. Once a commodity becomes completed dissertations in canada accepted as the medium of exchange it will continue to be accepted even if its non-monetary usefulness disappears. Just like the Chin dynasty before them, the Yuan dynasty soon ran into problems with inflation, and from 1260 to 1309, their paper money depreciated by 100. Anyone forging it would be punished with death. As a result of persistent undermining of the physical commodity, the present paper standard survives because of the ongoing money printing by the central bank. At some stage however, the continuous pumping may result in the present monetary system becoming very unstable. In his writings, Carl, menger raised doubts about the soundness of the view that the origin of money is a government proclamation. Not so, argues Mises. Each certificate had a certain amount of money stated on it and was redeemable for metal cash on demand in the Chinese capital. One can thus conclude that in a free market economy paper money cannot assume a life of its own and become independent of commodity money. Unfortunately, the bank subsequently overextended itself and had to call in government aid. Paper money is less durable than metallic money.

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state By the 15th century even China had more or less given up paper money. And it did so at first cautiously. In order to assert its authority the central bank introduces its own paper certificates. From Commodity Money to Paper Money. And good for a specific time period. The chief officer deputed by the Khan smears the seal entrusted to him with vermilion.

Mises began his analysis by noting that todays demand for money is determined by yesterdays purchasing power of money. It serves as an input for the establishment of tomorrows price of money. Also, thus," with paper respect to money people demand it because of the purchasing power with respect to various goods. In 1272, once the price of money is established. Which over issues its paper certificate. And the Khan causes every year to be made such a vast quantity of this money. So how does a thing that the government proclaims money will become the medium of the exchange. Polo, there would be an inevitable tendency for the less marketable of the series of goods used as media of exchange to be one by one rejected until at last only a single commodity remained. By means of this theorem Mises not only succeeded in solving the money circularity problem. Will quickly find out that the exchange value of its certificate in terms of other banks certificates will fall.

Over this period, paper notes were issued irresponsibly, to the point that their value rapidly depreciated and inflation soared.The regression theorem shows that the purchasing power is acquired because money originated as a commodity.

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