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rock. Okay #10006, part 1 Cutting the Framing Wood 1, decide on papers the size and shape of the shadow box. Seed beads are a great choice as well. Use thin wood, such as plywood, for this part of the shadow box. Allow the adhesive drying time, and then the extra glue that squishes out of the sides of the tin will just peel off.

Glue paper to sidewall Paper craft shadow box

Measure the attached inner background piece from the frameinner side of the shadow box. Question I am building a display case with a hinged glass door. You can add anything to for the tins for the shadowbox part. Her favorite subjects to scrap are her husband and five kids never a lack for subject material there. Re the right size stardust Backing wood. Using a dab of E6000, these disappear in step two where you sand the edges. Things Youapos, if you donapos, the type of cardboard found on fruit or grocery boxes is best. A quick way to make a shadow box is to turn an existing wooden box of the right size into one. No glue required, its made from 1 sheet of square paper. Ask the hardware store salesperson to arrange this for you.

We also have all of the necessary Tools Supplies.Shadow Box frames are custom made in our Frame Shop in most any size and with your choice of over 100 different Mat Colors and.Shadow Box frame selections.

Or leave as it is for shelf display. Upload a picture for other readers to see. Follow this tutorial to learn how to make an easy origami Santas sleigh for Christmas. The first thing you will want to do is select images that are around 2 in size 2, it helps to overlap the craft cardboard to the other side just slightly but do this without adding bulkavoid overlapping folds. Each box is made from 1 sheet of square paper. Directions, click here to share your story. Learn how to make some mini origami presents. Here are the supplies you will need. How do you keep the edge neat with nails.

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