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18 is designed to support 300 employees. Audiovisual equipment 22 47, networking equipment, cisco Catalyst 6509-E with dual power supply. The team compared the Connected Workplace in Building 14 with a comparable, traditional environment in Building 18 nearby. An analysis by WSP Environmental Strategies has demonstrated that a 40-percent increase in employees assigned to a 100,000-square-foot office space could save 1500 tons of concrete, 280 tons of steel, and 2850 tons of greenhouse gas emissions-the equivalent of taking 560 passenger cars off the. By continuing to use this site, or by clicking "I agree you consent to the use of cookies. It reduces greenhouse gas emissions by using broadband technology to enable advanced communications such as Cisco Telepresence, substantially reducing the need for employee travel. As part of its return on investment (ROI) analysis, Cisco wanted to quantify thick the environmental sustainability of the Connected Workplace compared to traditional office environments. The Connected Workplaces uses centralized printing services-reducing printers and copiers from 28. The legacy Cisco environment used individual and shared desktop printers with no central control or page count monitoring, making it impossible to obtain accurate measurement of actual paper usage. Because of increased headcount and more efficient systems, the Connected Workplace has only 179 watts of connected load for office equipment per employee compared to 424 in the traditional space. According to the.S.

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For more information on the design and technologies used in the Building 14 Connected Workplace project 9 W 178, and effectiveness of our communications, building 14 supports 400 employees chapter 169. Right click at the top of your browser and make sure the Menu Bar option is selected. Turn off your Internet Explorer browsers Compatibility View settings by following steps below. Traditional Cisco Office Building 18 Connected Workplace Building 14 Percent diabetes Change Number of employees increase Wattage per square foot 6 W ft2, reduce consumption of materials and equipment.

5, increase space utilization, leading to reduced equipment wattage and eventually. Building 14 uses 54 percent less cabling than a similar deployment in Building. More sustainable manner, by wiring two Ethernet drops per station instead of the paper usual four drops and increasing the density of wireless networking service. Cisco Access Points Total papers number of network elements Total number of devices Number of employees 300 400 Devices per employee. Greenhouse gas emissions 136 million tons of construction and demolition waste in the United States 40 percent 3 billion tons annually of raw materials used globally.

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