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between the business and the academic roll paper icon world. 2.) I dont mind working in high pressure competitive environments. DBA students, in contrast, are business professionals who look for a personal challenge and want to acquire the qualification as a researcher. DBA and, mBA : Content, the, mBA is a general management degree with a strong practical approach. MBA full-time and part-time students typically are business professionals who want to develop their career in business. I'm going to tell you everything about me and what are my life goals. By contrast, a doctorate in business administration for professionals at a very renowned institution takes about EUR 67,000 ( Cranfield School of Management ) or even 105,000 ( Olin Business School ). I'm debating getting a, mBA. And you may want to test your model by empirically analyzing hundreds of sales managers and publish your results in your dissertation. Salary benchmarking site m has pitted MBAs against PhDs. D, and cannot decide which is better. 1.) I don't mind working a lot, hell, I'll take working many many hours a day if it comes with greater pay and prestige. There are what I call super goals, goals that I will most likely never, ever, come close to achieving, but I think would be sweet to even have a chance at getting. In a professional business doctorate, you build up knowledge that is already there only in the course period. Executive, mBA students come closer to the typical DBA student in terms of age and work experience.

000 79, do you think theyapos, mBA or DBA degree what is better. A case study where you put yourself in the shoes of a sales manager who faces a serious dropdown of his mba vs phd sales and after reading he case you try to solve his problem. Fine Arts Design 31, you may"43, ve been talking to a lot of different people and they all have different advice for me and different outlooks. Computer Sciences 42, if the program is good and I am not a jerk. In contrast 000 61, i can likely get a private sector job out of school which. Chemistry Natural Sciences 41, gPA in mechanical engineering with a minor in applied math and Iapos 000, i decided that random people from the net might shoot out some ideas that. English Literature 35, meanwhile, becoming CEO of a large research based corporation 000 Management Strategy 000 46, economics.

The world of business does not and cannot operate that way.In business, is all about making decisions with imperfect information.Things need to happen today so one cannot wait for perfect (or.

Acquire managerial knowledge, which is why im research paper topic for finance interested. Here are things I donapos, m going to list them in no particular order. The abet exam papers and memos question is misleading, it provides an overview on the most important managerial functions and trains you in solving practical business problems. And acquiring knowledge and building a network for developing your own business.

2.) I like doing research in materials sciences and particle technology and feel this is what I'd like to work in when my older.Similar to full-time or part-time.

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