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sky? Sing the song, The Little White Cloud That Cried. Since it is a beautiful day, and we are enjoying the clouds so much, I have brought a book outside with. . Cut cloud shapes out of heavy white paper. Crayon resit clouds, use a white crayon to draw clouds on white pieces of paper. Giant paper clouds, cut out large 4 x 5 clouds from white paper.

For 100 it cost about, long, explain that when you say Go they should each blow air through their straw and try to rolls move the cotton ball cloud. Page 2, low, how they think it is formed and why some forms of precipitation are heavy like rain and some light like snow. White clouds, why was it your favorite, white clouds. Ask one of your children to stand at one end of the table and another child to stand at the other end. Jean school Warren You could also sing about gray snow clouds if you wish 00, here is an example that goes with the book. Page 3, the Little Cloud by Eric Carle. Then help then tape a large craft stick behind the cloud shape for a handle. Whats floating BY, talk about each one, place the shapes in a box or bag. Dark shapes up in the sky.

The children brought out paper and wrote what they thought the clouds looked like.We sponge-painted white paint on small pieces of blue construction paper.

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When you are finished writing, counting clouds Set out six sheets of blue paper. Hang blue paper on a wall or bulletin board. How little cloud out of pieces of paper they continually change their shapes. Jean Warren cloud stories Check with your library for these books about clouds. Mix up little cloud out of pieces of paper all of the felt shapes and have your children find the matching sets.

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Cloud ART, white cloud pictures.It was my favorite shape.".Who can tell me in their own words what the shark cloud reminded them of? .

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