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potential to succeed at Lindenwood. Campus housing will be assigned upon receipt of the housing application and deposit, and written confirmation (via email) from the applicant of having received an F-1 Student Visa. Three letters of recommendation. All transfer credit is subject to approval by the dean. The students transfer will not be considered complete until Lindenwood University-Belleville receives the completed transfer paperwork. Housing Application, submitted along with a 300 housing deposit, made payable to Lindenwood University. (Preparatory courses will not be accepted for transfer by the University.). All hours accepted in transfer must be from regionally accredited colleges and universities. Each degree program is designed to meet both student needs and accreditation requirements. The quarter program is an accelerated evening program specifically designed for students with significant employment experience. Official transcripts indicating graduation from the last high school attended, lindenwood paper background along with official transcripts of any college or university attended, if applicable. Transfer students applying for undergraduate semester programs with less than 24 hours of transferable college credits are also lindenwood paper background required to meet the freshman admission standards by submitting official test scores and high school transcripts. Students wishing to transfer credit from a regionally accredited institution should request official university transcripts at the time they apply for admission to Lindenwood University-Belleville. (2)The cost for the evaluation of international transcripts will be incurred by the applicant. Dollars, available for tuition (personal cost) and educational expenses (books, insurance).

Admission to all graduate programs in the School pencil rice paper art by paget of Accelerated Degree Programs is granted to students who demonstrate academic preparedness and the potential for academic excellence. Which must be transferred with a grade of a C or better. Applicants who have been out of high school for five or more years. These students will have the opportunity to develop their communication skills. If an international candidate wishes to transfer credit to Lindenwood from an international institution. Provisional admission to the University may be granted by the Dean of Admissions on the basis of facsimile copies of high school transcripts or diploma equivalents. Applicants with an undergraduate degree or a previously earned graduate degree who earned 3 Conditional admission to the University may be granted by the Dean of Admissions for students not meeting the standard admission criteria. Along with all documentation required for international application.

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The appropriate department will determine whether and how the evaluated transfer credit may be used to meet major and minor requirements. Official transcripts from the college or university previously attended. The required minimum score rolls for an undergraduate applicant must satisfy one of the following thesis criteria.

Undergraduate Quarter Student Application:.S.Students should list Lindenwood University-Belleville as the recipient.However, once the applicant obtains a visa and arrives at Lindenwood University, the cost of the evaluation will be refunded, provided that the applicant brings the receipt for the evaluation service.

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