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in half along its short side. You may want to protect your table or work surface by putting some old newspaper or an old table cloth under the cup of paints. Gently, pull this corner apart to widen the diagonal opening and reveal the boat! Ready for another challenge? Grab the top flap at the bottom of the paper, and fold it up against the bottom of the two folded triangles. Add New Question, question, can I use a sheet of aluminum foil? Fold the flaps at the bottom of the triangle shape up on both sides. We use cookies to make wikiHow great. Fold each of the bottom edges of the paper up and outwards to make a paper hat shape, then open the hat and flatten it horizontally to create a diamond. Running ships from paper is even more interesting than stacking. Related Articles Coloured autumn leaves are perfect for crafts - why not try out these fun activities for kids? Tuck the corners of one flap under the other. Warning : Be careful not to get a paper cut! Arrange your paper so that the bottom points of the diamond can fold upward. Fold each flap so that the bottom corner of the diamond meets the top corner of the diamond. Follow the steps below to enjoy hand and foot printing fun!

Remember always supervise your kids when using scissors. Use the decorations crease you made before to help line up the corners. To the point, fold the top corners in towards the middle so that they meet. Cut the workpiece with scissors you need the right. Glue, on the identified lower face, or paint. Arrange the square like a diamond so that the opening is facing you. So, this is definitely worth encouraging a live hobby is always better than stupid computer games. Apply wax liberally to both sides of runners the boat and edges. Gently place your boat on a calm body of water. Pull out the triangles on the side of the square.

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Did this summary help you, boat Reveal, leave" Two triangleshaped flaps form the opening. What happens if you use normal paper. Open the hat shape out even more until is the washinton post a liberal news paper it forms a square. Using your fingers, a sheet of A4 is ideal, fold the" You now have a paper boat which your kids can decorate however they like.

If it stands straight on the table, it should stand straight in the water!How to Make a Paper Crown.

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