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say, Thank you! As a teenage web designer, its important to keep your clients goals in mind as well as the type of audience theyre trying to attract. You'll probably see flyers from takeaway and pizza delivery businesses, taxi companies and other businesses. Volunteer jobs for 14 year olds There are any number of volunteer jobs for 14 year olds. Keep your mobile best rotary paper cutter / cell phone with you at all times in case of emergencies and make sure you have the mobile / cell phone number of the parents of the children you are babysitting, so you can call them if you need. A lot of farm jobs involve looking after livestock, such as feeding and mucking out chickens and pigs, as well as cows and sheep. Acting jobs for 14 year olds There are definitely opportunities for acting jobs for 14 year olds, which may include working in theatres, television or film. However, as long as you have the skills to work as a referee, you can usually find a lot of work in your neighborhood, especially if you have connections with leagues or coaches from that sport. . This is the perfect job for anyone that loves playing video games and isnt afraid of a little extra work. Whether youre modeling clothes, toys, or other products, youll have a lot of fun doing something you love, and can make a lot of money doing. ( Learn More ) Soup Salesman As long as you can boil water and use a kitchen knife, you can be a teenage soup salesman! Its can be a fun and relaxing way to spend your evenings, whether you can knit, sew, or crochet. You can sell them directly to friends and family members or to people you dont know by attending art fairs that you can find in both the summer and the winter. You could even make money from your blog / website by adding adverts or affiliate links to enable people to buy the games you review. ( Learn More ) Ski Instructor If you know a lot about skiing, then you can make good money as a teenage ski instructor. Always tell your own parents about each babysitting job, so they know where you are and take a cell / mobile phone in case of any emergencies - make sure you have the cell / mobile number for the parents of the children you are. Companies need to get information from the public, so they hire websites to survey people. The rates of pay for paper round jobs are determined by the newsagent, but will vary from newsagent to newsagent, so ask any of your friends who are doing a paper round how much they get paid. ( Learn More ) House Sitter When justification is on separate sheet of paper people go on vacation, they will hire you to watch their house if you decide to make money as a teenage house sitter. If you have a particular skill, then you might be able to utilise this in an office environment, such as good IT or graphic design skills. You'll need some car shampoo, a bucket, sponge and shammy leather to dry the car properly afterwards - your parents may have all of these.

Your responsibilities as a teenage lifeguard include making sure people are safe and following the rules. Especially if you love playing games yourself. And present it in a creative way so that people will want to buy it to give as a gift. Learn More Dog Walker Being a teenage dog walker is a great opportunity for teens to make some extra money. All you need is the skills to clean shoes and a few make basic tools.

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Youapos, you can either take it to a big winter festival to sell to people there. There are a lot of different things that you can write about even if youre only 12 years old. Neighbours and family friends may need you help in their gardens. What jobs can you get. From what celebrities are wearing for to your favorite indie clothing lines. Then you may want to think about riding horse jobs for 14 year olds. Then why not have a go at creating an app yourself.

People who are having parties or other special events that need a large number of sweet treats will hire you to make them.This is a dangerous job, so you will need to make sure you are staying safe while working, but its also one that pays well, making it a great option for 16-year-olds that want to make a lot of money.

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