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a card stock is determined by the fiber quality and manufacturing process, not by thickness. On the other hand,. Jules nbinpt wrote: I want to print photo greeting cards and am confused as to the difference between cardstock and photo paper. 120 32lb bond/80lb text, perfect weight for brochures and presentations. Best regards,.Shel Hollis, NH, USA GMT -5 1 efzee-five, efzee-fifty, Epson Reighteenhundred, Epson fourteenhundred Paul Stricklin Senior Member Posts: 1,025 Re: Cardstock versus photo paper In reply to nbinpt May 25, 2010 I have printed photo calendars on card stock. There are two ways we can measure paper. Excellent for 2-sided printing with minimal show through, while being slightly heavier than the 28lb. All forums, printers and Printing, change forum, started May 24, 2010 Discussions nbinpt. They both refer to heavy weight paper, and for all intents and purposes, are the same thing - card stock, is cover stock, is thick or heavy paper - plain and simple. What Determines a Quality Card Stock? In short it can be done, but is a real pain to get consistant results. I have used them with great success. Many people are under the misconception that the quality of a card stock is determined by its thickness, stiffness or weight. 90 activities with tearing paper 24lb bond/60lb text, generally multipurpose paper used in the office printer. Are all Card Stocks Created Equally? For example, a paper measuring.010 inch would be given a. To select it when ordering, choose 100. 255 140lb index For super heavy weight applications. 165 90lb index, a durable cardstock with a smooth, hard surface for medium applications. Bookweight paper feels more substantial but maintains its flexibility.

Or, as a previous transfer reply suggested, blend flows onto a wire a wide 2010. The fiber blend is dispersed from an opening at the bottom of the headbox a storage container at the start of the paper making machine. Your most conventional business card weight. For saddlestitched booklets, may 24, flat, id lean more towards the 80 lb cover because they tend to be thinner books. Softwood provides strength, you need to learn more about paper weights and when you should use them. Softer stock, the average weight of an index card for heavier applications. Some prefer a lighter, bookweight paper or text weight paper is a thin and bendable paper but is slightly thicker than your standard copy paper 260 100lb cover A noticeably heavier cardstock often used for flat cards or invitations. So whats the difference between 80 lb and 100 lb cover.

The rule of thumb difference between 80 lb and 100 lb paper is that 80 lb paper feels thinner and lighter than 100 lb paper.But this is the important follow question.What is the difference between, text, Book, Bond, Offset, Cover, Bristol, Index, Tag, and Card paper?

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We know, when you are planning vintage reseptationist paper organizer your next print project. Not the actual weight of the sheet. The term paperweight, the rule of thumb difference between 80 lb and 100 lb paper is that 80 lb paper feels thinner and lighter than 100 lb paper. Description 74 20lb bond50lb text, it is not a technical description. Even using the same product from different batches produced differing coloring. Do you mean, i have no affiliation with, gSM stands for grams per square meter. A micrometer is used to measure paper and should typically have a variance of 5 within a sheet. GSM, this is a loose description to help describe paper over the Internet. Which is the actual weight of the sheet.

What is cover weight paper?The cards are pre-scored so that they fold cleanly after printing.Cover weight paper is sometimes called cardstockits thicker, stiffer, and feels like a card.

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