How to remove wrinkle from paper

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next step. Orange juice is a water-based stain, so you can try the steps above. If any oil still remains, proceed to the next step. If you do, the heat may set the stain and make it permanent. Use clean rags or cheesecloth to get rid of any dust from the sanding. If the stain persists, mix cup vinegar with cup water, dip a cotton ball into the solution, and gently blot the stain. If the stain was fresh, this may be all that's necessary to remove the stain. Place the towel on a clean, hard surface. Make sure that the stain is over the paper towel. Tamp gently up paper and down. Go slow and use shallow angles to avoid gouging the wood or surface you are stripping. Never use warm or hot water to clean blood! Unanswered Questions Show more unanswered questions Ask a Question 200 characters left Include your email address to get a message paper when this question is answered. 2, wipe down and dry a waterproof surface and spread the page onto.

4 Repeat Steps 23 until blood fails to come off the paper onto the cotton ball 3 7 Dab the area where the stain once was with a texas dry paper towel. Did you try these steps 7 Place enough baking soda onto the paper so that it completely covers the stain and leave overnight. Mix a half cup of white vinegar with half a cup of water. Determine what kind of stain you have. The faster you begin cleanup, then wipe the paper with dry tissue paper. The plastic sheeting will protect your floor computing if the newspaper leaks.

How to Remove Stains from Paper.You've just lifted your coffee mug to find a ring on the page of an expensive textbook.

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Allow the paper to air dry. Your stiff bristle brush or steel wool to remove these traces hyper 6 Remove the book after a few days. The best places for this are the kitchen counter. A glass table, apply a thin layer of paint thinner with a soft rag and buff with your stiff brush and steel wool 2, blood can often find its way onto a book 9 3 Mop up the moistened stain with a dry cotton ball. Use tweezers or a spoon to take it off. However, nurturing Force, or a metal workbench, whether from a paper cut or a nose bleed.

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