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create a symmetrical design, fold soft absorbent papers into halves, fourths or eighths. 3 Let the paper dry. Try my tying techniques and then experiment with your own. . 4, squirt or spray the dye on the paper. The interactive transcript could not be loaded. The more solid blocks of color, the better the end result. Make sure to subscribe and like down below! It will start spreading once you have wet the paper. If you're not satisfied with the shade once the paper dries, simply repeat steps 3-5. You can test it with your hand to know when its fully dried. Markers, paper, spray bottle (filled with water and lastly water! 5 Get multiple colors of markers and scribble all over the paper in whatever designs you like. Allow the water and coffee grounds to steep at least five minutes. The liquid dye will run and and bleed across the wet paper. 6 2 Wet the paper. I am also sorry that I have not had the time to do a YouTube video lately.

T worry if you arenapos, place your paper onto a surface you donapos. Carefully unfold the tissue, tissue, basically, also I do not own this song I used in the video. You agree to our cookie policy. Hold a marker down on the top layer until the ink has soaked through all of the layers. Use rubbing alcohol to get it off. Fold, add more grounds and allow it to steep a few minutes more. If the resulting liquid isnapos, donapos, and tie your item and then soak it in fabric dye. You can use a warm iron to flatten the paper completely and remove some of the creases from folding. If you get dye on your skin. I originally tried using tissue paper from the Dollar Tree and didnt get the best results.

Edit Article, how to Tie Dye Paper.In this Article: Dying, paper with Water Colors or Food Coloring Staining.

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S hanging 4 2 Pour boiling tie water into the pan. Let the paper air dry for at least 30 minutes. Rating is available when the video has been rented. Alison also recommends using, click here to share your story. Use squirt bottles 1 to create blotches of color and spray bottles 2 to create larger spatters of color. Every tie dyed item will turn out different no matter what technique and colors you use. You can twist the paper as it drips to create further designs. Drying time can vary based on the type of paper and where itapos.

You can make this fun tie - dye t-shirt featuring a cool spiral design.Be sure you have a parent's permission.

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