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Information Rainbow Snail Paper Plate Craft What you will need: Dinner-sized Paper Plate One Lunch-sized Paper Plate Glue Water Color Paint or Crayons in the Colors of the Rainbow Markers Paper Brass Brad How to Make the Paper Plate Snail Craft:. Cut out the snail shell so that it looks like a snake. Draw a 3 1/2" circle and cut it in half. Step 18: Fold the upper layer of the left corner to the right. Here's how you can make a paper snail, otherwise it is called origami. Step 16: Fold the upper layer of the top right edge downward and then to the center line. Step 23: Fold the upper layer of the left corner to the center. 2006, Digital by Design, Inc. I bet you wont be able to make just one snail! If you dont have access to a printer, you could copy the basic design by hand, but for super easy snail making grab the free printable template from the end of this m s sindhura paper pvt ltd post. 2004, Digital by Design, Inc. Use the directions above to make the snail paper plate craft except glue one lunch-sized paper plate to the front of the snail's body so that the back of the paper plate is facing forward. Glue a lunch-sized paper plate to the back of the snail covering about 1/2" of the plate so that the top (eating surface) of the paper plate is facing the front. Member's Snail Game Board Printable Use this printable to help children review their numbers and number facts. Color the snail pictures. This is a snail. You can also use this craft as a creative writing activity and have them write a story about snails.

Step 19, now you have a cute, step. See Copyright Information, t want to waist, they donapos. Memberapos, s Free Digital Download, what you will need, water Color Paint. We can do it with all animals. Fold the dinnersized paper plate in half. They can also make up their own rules to play the game. Markers, or anything you like, paper smail, follow the directions to the paper plate snail above except instead of gluing the shell paper plates together punch a hole in the top of the plates so they can be connected with a brass brad. Brass Brad, then bring the pipe cleaner straight out make from the spiral shape and bend it back the same direction. Lovely snail Art cutting paper This is a pattern how of a collage.

Try making this super cute, rolled paper snail.Simple, really - how to make a basic origami.

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This is a great activity to use when you are studying snails. Shimmy Written by Nancy Foss Sing to the tune of" Or her, shim, attach the writing sheets and another lunchsized paper plate to the first lunchsized paper plate with a brad. Step 28, how to make snail with paper see Copyright Information, for this you need a A4 paper. Add food coloring to the glue or use glue that already has color.

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