How to make paper hanging globe decorations

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follow these examples, just make paper shredding aberdeen sure the spacing lines are fairly even. Now place another sheet of tissue paper on top. They seemed quite straight forward to make so I tried making them with some tissue papers I had. It turned out really well easy to make and quite satisfying, so Ive made this little tutorial for you. You can use any thin paper you have and get creative with color combinations. I dont recommend hanging them above a babys crib with tape since they could easily fall, but tape would work very well for party decorations. Step 4: Turn tissue over and fold it again (Accordion style). Step 11: When you have about 4 or 5 pieces of tissue left turn your in-progress tissue ball to the side and begin separating the remaining pieces so your tissue ball is completely filled in and is full all the way around. Its magical when you first open them up into a ball! Youll be gluing the lines in areas that were not glued on the previous sheet. Open the balls all the way and secure them with the closure tabs. The cells are smaller and the pom-poms more dense looking. If you separate the creases it makes it easier to pull. I find making them addictive! Simple pleasures : glue the cardboard ends back to back to form a sphere. Hanging Tissue Balls are a fun and festive way to add a little pizzazz to baby showers, birthday parties or any event or celebration for that matter. First, decide what size pom-pom you want to make and cut a circle from cardboard. Now choose the line in the other color and repeat the gluing procedure as before. Step 6: Take your piece of string and tie it around the center. Step 3: Begin by folding the side closest to you over by 3/4. You need: tissue papers, glue stick (soft new do i want to do a phd one! Here is what you will need: Tissue Paper (14-18 sheets) If you are making a smaller Tissue Ball you can use an 8 sheet pack and cut them in half. If you dont have a light fixture to hang them from you can always tape them to the ceiling or use 3M command hooks.

How to make paper hanging globe decorations

It also doesnt matter if today you have an odd or even number of lines. Related Posts, step 8, step 2, step. I changed the tissue paper color half way through for the pompom in the photo. They just need to alternate like abab etc. Ribbon or even fishing line, you might also enjoy our other tissue paper flower tutorials. String I used english jewelry string but you could use yarn. Arrange closed tissue balls so the tops and bottoms of each touch see photo. Repeat this with the rest of the sheets of tissue paper. Fold your tissue in half and cut it so that both halves are on top of each other make them as as even as possible.

Tools and Materials1/4-inch-wide ribbonHoneycomb tissue balls (we used.And the tissue peach-shaped ornament)StaplerPaper, hanging Globe, how-To1.Decorating for them is one of our favorite past times, too, getting to be creative and.

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You can now cut it into any shape you like but here well use the half circle to make a pompom. Until you have folded the, how to hang tissue paper pom poms. I made the first one with roughly writing paper opinion with borders pdf 1 34 inch about 43mm wide spacing and another one with about 1 14 inch 30mm spacing and youll see the difference in result later in the photos. Staple the ribbon to the tabs. Now fold these in half to make double the layers. For another pompom I changed the tissue paper every 4 sheets so it ended up with a stripe design. Oh and I have a fun idea for using them for another post later.

These 2 pom-poms in the photo are the ones with 1 3/4 between glue lines and are made of 40 sheets.Cut the circle in half.As promised here is the step by step tutorial for how to make tissue paper pom poms, also known as tissue paper balls, or tissue paper poofs. .

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