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at any hardware store yarn, craft glue, small plastic google eyes, scissors, colored permanent markers (consider Sharpie). Warnings If you are doing this project with children, use washable markers. Comments on How to Make a Hen. Using the same method, did position the other chenille stem on the opposite side edge of the rectangle. For the nose, create a glue outline and color it in as you did with the lips, or glue either an appropriately sized pompom 4 or a small piece of putty sculpted into a nose to the bag. Then glue strips of ribbon along the collar for an eye-catching trim. Depending on the materials you've used for the bag itself, use paint, yarn, or construction paper to match the tail to the puppet's design. Homemade puppets, homemade Finger Puppets, we created these homemade finger puppets on a boring baby sitting evening and I have to admit I cant remember the last time we had so much fun, and with no arguments! 3, give your puppet some extra bite. Take two pieces of paper or felt and glue or sew them together, leaving enough room to fit a finger inside. The other puppet in the photo is just a simple piece of card rolled up to make a cone shape with tissue paper for hair, some goggle eyes, and wool for a mouth! By using puppets, a child can communicate clearly without being self-conscious or nervous. Next, glue the curved sides together. Hand or finger puppets are much popular among the kids. Curl your fingers up and under the flap. Puppetry is an ancient and popular form of entertainment, which has not lost its appeal in the modern times! Using a stiff sheet of construction paper, outline each ear with pencil. Sit behind a couch or some other tall object and lift the puppets over the top of the couch. For the upper row, add a half-inch of extra space along the top. Tell us more about it?

Use the american colored markers to draw the remainder of the face. For a more durable tail, outline their color pattern and then color. Apply glue and stick the glue tab to the back of the body. Attach the hair to the closed end of the paper lunch bag. Remember that you are not limited to humans and animals. Glue half of the pink paper circle on the construction and let the half stick out of body. Flowers, directions, cut each arm out, tabloid alternately. You can cut out a small hole here wide enough for your finger and use that as your tongue. You may want to already have a few example puppets made ahead of time to show the child. Trace your first cutout on more construction paper or cardboard to create a second cutout.

Outline your puppet s design in pencil on the bag.Cut out holes on the sides and put your baby finger and thumb in there as hands.

Pink felt 2 plastic eyes, ask them to explain to you if it should be short finger or long and how it should be glued. Round the corners of one short side so that rectangles have one rounded end. Pieces of felt or paper, for sock finger puppets, regular glue is unreliable when working with felt finger puppets. Cut 23 inch rectangles of green felt. Question How can I make a cartoon character. We cut the fingers from an old we hope pair of gardening gloves. Once the base is formed, finger puppets can be decorated with drawings. Cut out and attach the wallpaper clothes to the paper bag. You can download the free pattern templates to make this here Puppet Making Tutorial Patterns Making a Puppet Tutorial Part. Where the edge of the flap meets.

If you find it easier try marking it out before cutting.Point the opening toward you.Making the finger puppets was fun and easy.

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