How to make a big 3d paper star

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template here and get started! Open the piece of paper and cut in half, this will become your cutting template. But the tutorial is simple and you can customize your 3D paper stars any way you like. Repeat this process with the remaining 5 pieces of paper, creating 6 points to your star. Tools a printer, tools for method A scissors, tools for method B a ruler an exacto Knife a cutting board, if you chose wrapping paper, or any kind of paper that is larger than A4/Letter, you need to reduce it to that size. Your paper star is now complete! Materials, any paper you want, colorful A4/Letter paper, wrapping paper, anything. MY latest videos, a big thank you to Dixie Crystals Sugar. Use your art materials to decorate your stars any way you like. Glue, scissors, stapler, ribbon/String, wo Dneedle, directions:. Open up the square piece of paper you have just cut and flatten. This method produces better stripes. Therefore the file attached to this step might no be compatible with the kind of paper you've chosen, so experiment a bit. Instructions, step 1: Cut out 3 paper stars. Kids in the Kitchen for sponsoring this activity and post on The Artful Parent! View IN gallery, vIEW IN gallery. I'd recommend you to look at the diagram and then watch the video in step. Materials, a4/Letter notebook paper, preferably yellow and without holes (like the one in the picture). Cut along the cut lines. Stick the end of the strip to the pentagon shape. Method B: Take a piece of paper, lay how to make a big 3d paper star it on the cutting board, put the ruler against a line and use it as a guide for cutting with the exacto knife (see the second image). Step 2: Obtaining Paper Stripes: DIY Easy.

How to make a big 3d paper star

Remove needle and tie off with a double knot on each side of the beads. Repeat step 8 for the remaining 3 points of your star and staple both halfs together to secure. Make it big Glow Contest 2018, fold each star in half, pinterest. Fold your stars, cut three straight lines into the folded piece of paper approx 1 cm apart.

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The lighter the paper is, andor markers, take the inner triangle cuts and fix the ends together using glue as shown in the picture. Glue, card stock or heavy paper 3D star template. To finish mine I used a wool needle to feed through a 3 mm wide red ribbon to create a loop so I could hang my star. Check out Dixie Crystals, s useful, take 3 of printing your completed points and stick the top of the points together creating a semicircle. We added faceted plastic crystal beads at the top of ours to make them extra special and sparkly. Step 5, scissors, the Diagram the pretty paper paper stripes in step 1 came with this little diagram. For more fun Christmas ideas for kids and families.

Share sross28 made it!First, glue the inside halves of two paper stars together.

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