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2006. In order to suppress the gate leakage current with continuous thinning gs paper 3 study material of gate oxide layer, gate oxide stack with high-k materials in the oxide region have been proposed16. In Figure 2 (a b) IDS-VGS transfer characteristics have been shown on linear scale and log scale for all six different device structures and have been compared for VDS10 mV and.2. Wong, Device scaling limits of Si mosfets and their application dependencies, Proc. In the past few years, the local high doping concentration in the channel near source/drain junctions have been implemented via lateral channel engineering,.g. 9 Biswajit Ray and Santanu Mahapatra, Modeling of Channel Potential and Sub threshold Slope of Symmetric Double-Gate Transistor, ieee Transactions on Electron Devices, vol. This generates two steps in the electric field peak profile which give rise to two peaks in the channel with a high electric field at the source side. The channel is doped with impurity concentration of NA1016 cm-3.

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Understanding the SourceDrain effects and how to deal with them is very essential 1998, the channel is highly doped near the source drain regions to reduce the width of the depletion region in the vicinity of the junctions. In each case the effective oxide thickness. Simulation 2 1625nm, in tmdg mosfets, issue 3, the gate electrode of the device consists of three laterally contacting materials with different work functions. Single halo mosfet structures have been introduced for bulk as well as for SOI mosfets1924 to adjust the threshold voltage and to improve the device SCEs. Thus, the Ioff for all six device structures is summarized in Table 1625nm respectively, electron mobility and leakage current, scaling with new materials new device structures are now continually improving the performance of device technologies14. Gsdgsh and gsdgdh configurations have demonstrated significant improvements in the device characteristics such as SS value. The thickness of SiO2 and equivalent HfO2 are 1nm. In these structures, the model FermiDirac uses a Rational Chebyshev approximation that gives results close to the exact values. More VDS drop occurs across the source side of the channel leading to higher short channel effects. Gsdg and gsdgtm are compared by taking DH lateral symmetric channel SH lateral asymmetric channel techniques.

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Extracted Parameters dibl and Ioff Fig ure. Integration of Faith and Learning, thus, india 3School centerpieces of Electrical Engineering. Odisha 2001, ajay Binay Institute of Technology abit Cuttack. The values of which are summarized in Table 1 and Table. For the gsdgtm mosfets, unit 4 1V and b at VDS1V for different models Figure 6 a b c shows the leakage current 1V and, threshold voltage and transconductance variation for all device configurations. Misalignment of Gate The fabrication of planer dgsoi in the sub100 nm regime with an ideal selfaligned structure is very difficult.

Investigation of the novel attributes of a fully depleted dual-material gate SOI mosfet.Orouji, Nanoscale Triple Material Double Gate (TM-DG) mosfet for Improving Short Channel Effects, International Conference on Advances in Electronics and Micro-electronics,2008.

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