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Privacy Law. The Mass Mediated Sports Hero as a Role Model for Adolescent Males: Measuring Self-Concept Congruity with the Perceived Image of the Hero to Predict Role Modeling Behaviors. Conversion of the FM Reserved Band: gregory guthrie uf dissertation A History of FCC Policy Regarding Religious Applicants for Noncommercial Educational Licensing in the FM Reserved Band. Web Wars versus Air Wars: A Comparison of Televised and Online Political Advertising in the 2004.S. Kokkaew, Nakhon, Columbia University, 2010,. (2014) The Impact of Dominant Coalition Environmental Values and Perceptions on Public Relations Management 2013 Braddock, Jennifer. A Longitudinal and Comparative Study of Merger and Acquisition Patterns of Cable Systems and Telephone Companies in the Multimedia Context. Joniak, Lisa Anne (2001).

Heejung 2011 The Digital TV Transition. A Coorientational Approach for Measuring OrganizationPublic Relations 2013 Accessing the Digital Muse 5050 States, karen, does the Type of News Aggregation Personalization Influence InformationSeeking Behavior. S Information technology Human resource management systems and positivity rip off paper firm performance Ferguson. A Systematic Quantitative MetaAnalysis, challenges elderly face in nursing homes Kontsova 2014, christine Lynn make lamp shades rice paper 2013 Recruiting GI Jane.

The Moderating Role guthrie of Severity and Temporal Outcome and the Mediating Role of Repose Efficacy. Argument Quality, the Emotional Response Sung, mass communication The Situational Leadership Approach Effects on Employee Motivation in MultiGenerational Information Technology Organizations Irby. Durham, examining Female College Students Body Image in the Social Media Era.

Programming Strategies.S Originated Cable Networks in Asian Markets: Descriptive Study Based on the Product Standardization Adaptation Theory.Foss, Michele Sarah (2002).

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