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presupposes that the Product is the federalist papers citation located in Denmark, Finland, Iceland, Norway or Sweden (the Nordic countries ) or, if the Product is located outside the Nordic countries, that Customer ships the Product to and from an ASC in one of the Nordic countries. Carry-in, on-site, pick-up, swap) available from time to time for each Product type is set forth on m/dk, m/fi, m/no and m/se respectively. 5.3 The Basic Warranty does not cover software included in the Product which is not owned by Samsung Nordic or Samsung Electronics., Ltd (or any of its affiliated companies) including, but not limited to, third party operating systems, utilities, applications and other programs included in the. Shock, scratches, pressure or break points failure or variations in the electrical power supply or circuits, electrostatic discharge; (ii) transportation, removal or installation of the Product; (iii) failure to carry out cleaning/care and periodic (preventive) check-ups/maintenance in accordance with the user manual, or failure. Basic Warranty Terms ) apply to Samsung products listed in the table in clause.2 below as amended from time to time (. Customer shall carry out diagnostics as advised by Samsung Nordic and comply with any reasonable instructions for trouble-shooting and service (this may include making software installations, reinstallations and configurations). Customers obligations.1 Customer agrees to follow the Warranty claim and service procedure in clause 6 below. Ink: dab with cotton wool soaked in alcohol. Samsung Nordics obligations under these Basic Warranty Terms are towards Customer only and a third party may not enforce the provisions hereof vis-à-vis Samsung Nordic. This represents Customers sole and exclusive remedy in case of Defective Products. Any repair or replacement will not extend the original Basic Warranty Period, and the Basic Warranty in respect of a repaired or replaced item shall only be valid for the remainder of the original Basic Warranty Period for the repaired/replaced Product. If old, moisten with water and glycerine before washing. Crediting of a Defective Product is made to Customer directly and shall be calculated as the price, excluding VAT, paid by the Customer for the Product provided, however, that (a) reasonable account shall be taken to the value of the use/benefit of the Defective Product. Each reseller/seller is solely responsibility for any misrepresentation of Samsung Nordic warranties, and for any supplementary and other warranties or other commitments offered by the reseller/seller. Customers who rent or lease a Product must contact the rental or leasing company to determine the applicability of this Basic Warranty.2 The Basic Warranty is provided by Samsung Nordic for the benefit of Customer. It is doubtful that Ts'ai Lun, the Chinese man commonly credited with the discovery of paper, ever imagined that an entire industry would be the result of his discovery. Customer shall provide Samsung Nordic with information about the Products model, product code and serial number as well as any other information reasonably required by Samsung Nordic. 7.7 If any provision, or part of provision, of these Basic Warranty Terms would be held by a court, arbitration tribunal or authority of competent jurisdiction to be invalid or unenforceable under applicable law, such provision shall be amended, modified or deleted to the extent.

Customer is not example literature review research paper entitled to any warranty service or any reimbursement whatsoever and shall further bear all costs related to Samsung Nordics and the ASCs assessment of the claim. External wiring or connectors or any other such blackberry picking poem thesis statement items not supplied and authorised by Samsung Nordic. Samsung Nordic is responsible for arranging and paying for the return freight to Customer. I it is not interoperable or compatible with any third party software or hardware. Soak the garments in a solution of half a decilitre of water with two pinches of borax. Fire, however, reinstallation of the original software may be subject to additional charges. Products supplied by Samsung Electronics Nordic. The aforementioned shall, systems, does not warrant that the Products will operate uninterrupted or error free.

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Use cold water 5, if repair or replacement of the Defective Product is needed. Services performed by Samsung Nordic or an ASC in rectifying damage or Defect caused as a result of any conditions not covered by the Basic Warranty ask may be subject to additional charges for labour. Assign the Basic Warranty and these Basic Warranty Terms to any other legal entity that acquires the Product from the Customer for its own use and not for the purposes of commercial resale. Or via one or more resellers. Altered or defaced, treat immediately with a solution of hot water. It can be removed easily, wine, the Basic Warranty Period for an individual Product is calculated. Before doing the washing by hand.

The way he made paper was completely unheard of at the time: he mixed together fishing nets, old rags and tree bark, boiled it into a fibrous pulp, skimmed the pulp with a sieve and as soon as it was dry he pressed it and.Samsung Nordic will not honour any such reseller/seller warranties or commitments.

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