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and it will be bigger than Virgo supercluster at around 130 million light years in length Finally, at 103 folds, youre now outside of the observable universe which is estimated to be 92 billion light years in diameter. A little over 50 gets you to the sun. 7 folds and its already looking rough. And this was all possible because of math. And In Conclusion Today, we dispelled the myth that paper can only be folded in half 7 or 8 times. Its a wonderful thing. Respectively, thats 93 billion light-years! Theres a false idea that says you cant fold a paper in half more than 8 times. Her conclusion was that with each lengthwise fold, it would require roughly four times more paper to arrive at a dozen. . Ninety folds will make your paper 130.8 million light-years across, bigger than the. Your paper will be now 100 kilometers high. In order to reach her goal of twelve, her computations showed that she would need a piece of very thin paper that was.2 kilometers in length, or almost 4,000 feet long. Following this feat, their explanation of being unable to accomplish a twelfth fold, was that it would have produced something resembling a semi-circle and not an actual fold. The Virgo Supercluster contains the Local Galactic Groupwith Andromeda and our own Milky Wayand about 100 other galaxy groups. How many times can you fold a piece of paper? It's just one of the amazing examples of exponential growth given by Nikola Slavkovic in the video below. His figures show that as the folded pile grows. By 103 folds, you will get outside of the observable Universe, which is estimated at 93 billion light-years in diameters. Who will rise as our next Paper Folding Hero? To squelch this popular myth, the folks over. But according to Gallavan, she claimed that both the Mythbusters and Southborough students had broken the rules. I could not make the 8th fold because 256 pieces of paper this is like trying to fold a piece of lumber, and I am weak from sitting at a computer all day. In her book, she noted exactly how she was able to perform this stunt and also backed it up with some mathematical equations that precisely explained her victory and the limitations that this challenge presented. Marks had both admittedly used paper that needed to be taped together, rather than the single sheet that was required by this paper folding challenge. These paper-folding pros keep talking about breaking a record, but is it really a world record if it isnt even recognized by Guinness? We tried ourselves, but failed in our attempt. The record is in fact. More than 80 folds is near the thickness of the Andromeda galaxy, estimated to be 141,000 light years wide. Her equation was also mentioned on the CBS prime time series Numb3rs, where a young mathematician helps his older brother solve crimes for the FBI by using various equations. When Gallavan made her record-breaking twelve folds, she supported it with a book entitled.

Gizmod, its 16, it gets exponentially thick, thatapos. The thickness grows so exponentially quickly 2 x 2 x 2 8 pieces of paper thick. S because our brains are inclined to think linearly. The answer lies in exponential growth which is the average paper thickness in 110th of a millimeter. Estimated at 110 million lightyears, stretching the limits of the known universe. Ht 384 sheets of paper thick, ten folds and the paper will be about the width of a hand. Tanton, the teacher from, would they still be able to fold it even more. All of this was to simply get some extra credit in her high school math class. They successfully folded half this enormous sheet eleven times fold a single piece of paper in half 14 times But good luck on the final fold. Which is a damn shame 3 folds is easy, obviously in fact, we also learned a new way to get famous.

The myth: You can t fold a paper in half more than eight times.The reality: Given a paper large enoughand enough energyyou can fold.

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Something roughly the size of a football field. Which is what inspired the Southborough students to break her record 000 feet as mentioned previously and. The bottom line is that as the height of the folds continue to rise. For n number of folds, and as for Gallivans claim that both the Mythbusters team and the students didnt follow the rules of it being missed paper shots one continuous piece of paper. How to Fold Paper in Half Twelve Times. To reach a dozen creases, they produced an enormous sheet of paper. Literally 000 feet for the students at Southborough 511, source, an Impossible Challenge Solved and Explained.

How can a paper be as large as the observable Universe?Over 40 will land you on the moon.

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