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dog eating paper towels is blockage of either his stomach or intestinal tract. @ Alpha - Yes, the vet gave her a shot of an anti-nausea medicine (started with a C plus I had to give her half a tablet of it once a day for 2 days. Hanging the toilet roll facing the wall. Boredom, stress, or anxiety can also send dogs running to shred paper. Even without the extra bonus of your lunch, a lot of paper products are made from tree pulp, and we all know how much dogs love wood and sticks! I often think about babies and toddlers. . A little paper now and then isnt likely to result in more than an upset tummy, if anything. But eating paper products can carry serious health complications. Depending on how many paper towels he ate, he might be very lethargic, since his belly doesn't feel well. Instead the indigestible paper towels will travel down into his intestinal tract and get stuck. Dogs get into paper towels for many reasons; they are mainstays in the trash, might be easily accessible and they can provide entertainment. So, there kaltenbrunner you have. . Boy, what an impact that reward made on his come when called lesson. We played for about 1 minute and then I collected up the pieces and tossed them in the garbage. .

These can require forced vomiting or even surgery to remove. T gotten sick and she ate it right before I posted. It is much easier to change a behavior if you have a great management program in place. At this point, im not sure there is one definitive answer. What you dont want to do is yell. Taking an end off toilet paper and running through the house with it is so much fun. Grab or make a big deal about. I also cleaned my floors really dog eating paper towel well.

Dogs get into paper towels for many reasons;.If your dog eats paper he may have pica,.

He will likely continue to, visit your grand veterinarian to determine the root cause of the behavior. You will want to increase your management. He had to have major surgery to remove the hook. For more articles by Tonya Wilhelm visit.

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