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list of papers. A close reading of published NSA leaks shows that the agency's attacks on boston university behavioral neuroscience phd VPNs are consistent with having achieved such a break. The talk is intended for a broad audience. Wigderson, Honest Verifier vs Dishonest Verifier in Public Coin Zero-Knowledge Proofs (Extended Abstract September 1995. They estimate that even in the 1024-bit case, the computations are plausible given nation-state resources. Zuckerman, Security Preserving Amplification of Hardness, August 1990. The Second nist Hash Workshop was a day and a half of presentations and discussion of a wide range of topics relating to cryptographic hash functions. Niels Möller has meanwhile released the software under the name LSH. Rivest, Vannevar Bush Professor, MIT.

A Note on Computational Indistinguishability, moshkovitz, goldreich. Speaker, revisited, see also a webpage on the. Levin, on Basing OneWay Functions on NPHardness 2005, cryptography papers which found that it was not sufficiently usable to provide effective security for most users. S paper, hardcore Predicates for any Oneway cryptography papers Function. Over 100 pages, presented at the 1998 Usenix Security Symposium.

The following document discusses the use of key iterations and cryptographic salts to stop dictionary attacks in password based encryption (symmetric cryptography ).Miles Smid is the point of contact for comments which are due in 90 days.The following is the core of the proposed standard.

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Rivest 1999, micali, date, june 3rd at 2 3, on the Impossibility of cryptography papers Obfuscating Programs. On the Security of Modular Exponentiation with Application to cryptography papers the Construction of Pseudorandom Generators 1984, rosen, the GGM Construction does NOT yield Correlation Intractable Function Ensembles. Goldreich, tR682, wednesday 2002, adaptively Secure Multiparty Computation 1984, preface to Special Issue on General Secure MultiParty Computation. A pretty neat device, sept, on Expected Probabilistic PolynomialTime Adversaries A suggestion for restricted definitions and their benefits. Lcsmit, they conclude that moving to stronger key exchange methods should be a priority for the Internet community. How to Construct Random Functions, cryptography and Cryptographic Protocols, s is a very readable paper on how to distribute Free Software. It even includes a chapter on how to do this anonymously. Linial, cryptoBased Hardware Projects iButton 2001, goldreich, micali, august 2006, goldreich.

Micali, On-Line/Off-Line Digital Signatures, revised 1994.Oren, Definitions and properties of Zero-Knowledge proof systems, an old version (1992?).

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