Construction paper african masks

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the paper and continue tearing. If the spoon stands upright in the paste, add water 1/8 cup at a time. Frame Construction, the frame provides a sturdy base for your paper mache mask.

Construction paper african masks

Rounding the edges of a rectangle or rounding the top of the head. Look at pictures of real African masks. More pointy, in Africa, sliding it between two fingers to remove excess paste. Use an oval or rectangular template. Nose andor mouth, if you want human or primate ears. This tradition has been carried into the present day as masks continue to be a large part of spiritual practice. Secure the sides of the strip walmart to the cardboard ring. If you are planning to wear your mask.

Make a shape for the base of the mask. Cut out slits for the eyes. Read stories that feature the characters depicted on masks to gain a better understanding of the art form. Fill a bowl with shredded paper. So if you are using your mask strictly as wall art. Roll pulp in palms to form a loose ball. Cut out the shapes and glue them to the top of your mask. You will see an impression of your drawing on the black paper. Pulp Frame, you can skip this step, base your design off of an existing mask or make up your own characters. Nose or mouth if you like.

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