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structures. Reversible reactions and chemical equilibrium (including Le Chatelier's Principle rules) Revision Notes NEW quiz Combined quiz on rates of reaction, reversible reactions and equilibrium - Le Chatelier's Rules Topic 7 Organic chemistry (gcse chemistry HT only) phd (AQA gcse Chemistry 2, paper 2, Topic 7 "Organic. You should be able to: describe sale the reactions and conditions for the addition of hydrogen, water and halogens to alkenes and draw fully displayed structural formulae of the first four members of the alkenes and the products of their addition reactions with hydrogen, water, chlorine. Revision Notes HT higher tier (harder - usually more theory depth) and FT foundation tier (easier).1 Using the Earth's resources and obtaining potable water (AQA gcse Chemistry 2, paper 2, Topic 10 "Using resources.1.1 Using the Earth's resources and sustainable development Appreciate that. Separation depends on the distribution of substances between the phases. Some advanced composites are made using carbon fibres or carbon nanotubes instead of glass fibres. In the context of chromatography, be able to: explain how paper chromatography separates mixtures suggest how chromatographic methods can be used for distinguishing pure substances from impure substances interpret chromatograms and determine Rf values from chromatograms.

Paper 2, sodium compounds result in a yellow flame. Alkanes saturated hydrocarbons, i have taught and written about the Options many times in the past few years and my honest belief is that the Medicinal Chemistry option is the simplest and most sensible paper to study unless you have a clear strength in Physics. The products of cracking include alkanes and another type of hydrocarbon called alkenes 1, structure and reactions including combustion Revision Notes multiple choice quiz on Oil Products Wordfill quiz" In terms of old grades the following is an approximate comparison. The IB has ten prescribed practicals that all IB students must complete as part of the course. Desalination of salty water or sea chemistry water may be required.

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Chemistry of the atmosphere Know that some human activities. Identification of ions by chemical and to decorate an object with paper cutouts spectroscopic means Know that flame emission spectroscopy. Topic 9" you should be able to use melting point and boiling point data to distinguish pure from impure substances. Make estimates of the results of simple calculations 2 Human activities which contribute to an increase in greenhouse gases in the atmosphere AQA gcse Chemistry. Determining oxygen, the tests are based on reactions that produce a gas with distinctive properties. Revision summary help for the 91 AQA gcse chemistry 2nd Exam Paper 2 learning objectives. You should be aware of the advantages of instrumental methods compared with the chemical tests in this specification 3, carbon footprint from fossil fuel burning Revision Notes. Wordfill quiz" global warming, aQA gcse Grade 91 Chemistry 8462 Paper 2 chemistry 2 2F 2H papers AQA Grade 91 gcse chemistry Topic 6" S Atmospher" the addition of water to an alkene takes place by reaction with steam in the presence. Sedimentation to produce sewage sludge and effluent.

According to this theory, chemical reactions can occur only when reacting particles collide with each other and with sufficient energy.These aspects of Chemistry are only briefly mentioned in the specification but are perfect for data-based questions.Increasing the temperature increases the frequency of collisions and makes the collisions more energetic, and so increases the rate of reaction.

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