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the skin. A receipt is probably thermal paper if it discolors easily when scratched with a coin or paperclip. Table 5 BPA transfer during repeated contacts Experiments regarding the penetration into or through the skin Of 10 g BPA applied to a finger as a solution in ethanol (10 l, 1 mg/ml allied extraction by ethanol shortly after evaporation of the solvent recovered. The following companies replied to the mpcas request for information. The experiment was repeated by applying 1 l of a 10 mg/ml BPA solution to the finger pad,.e., the same amount of BPA in ten times less ethanol, varying the interval between the application and the extraction from 5 to 90 min. Hence uptake depends on a vector.

17, is not of concern and doesnt use chemical developers. Now the ethanol extracted measurable amounts of BPA mean 26 per creditcard swipe, like paper money in a billfold Liao. Note that plain bond paper used as receipts. If your company would paper like to be listed. Washing only removed 73 of the BPA. Some manufacturers have also removed it from water bottles and food containers.

Reducing thermal paper use is the most effective strategy for reducing.BPA exposure from thermal paper for employees and customers.Preliminary research results for BPS, a common alternative.

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2 g BPA was extracted, paper encourage employees to avoid hand to mouth contact when handling receipts. It doesnt not mention store receipts. Do not print merchant copy of receipt if transaction is already kept electronically. The two sides of the paper released very differing amounts of BPA 2 g BPA 2 g perhaps contaminated by setoff from the printed side.

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BPA, but together, the two chemicals still dominate the thermal receipt paper market and raise similar human health concerns.Results, bPA in thermal printer paper, table 1 lists, bPA concentrations in 13 samples of thermal printer paper (mean of two determinations).Wear latex gloves if your job requires the frequent handling of receipts.

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