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made important changes to the boroughs selection tests for its four grammar schools. There are 800 places available in all four schools. Please also see this thread from our forum, help to boost your childs exam performance and confidence. Childrens Educational Material 11, tel: 44 (0). Each paper will consist of a mixture of questions from the four subjects. To find out how to prepare for the CEM 11 Plus exam and access the relevant guide click through to each relevant section. Please see individual schools information below 11 test dates, tuesday 11th or Wednesday 12th September 2018. Our mock exam papers will be released one week after the corresponding mock exam. The top 180 scorers achieved 247 or more. There are a few exceptions (e.g. CEM Centre for Evaluation Monitoring, University of Durham. The views expressed are those. This includes all children attending primary schools in Bexley as they are no longer automatically sit the test. These are tailored to each area and let you know what to do, when to do it and how to structure your work. Date of Exam: September, type of Exam: Bexley Selection Tests. Parents now have to inform the school or Local Authority of their wish for their child to sit the exam (this process includes an online registration). All children must be registered on line for the test regardless of where they live. Please Note: Registrations for applications for September 2018 are now open! In 2013, 5000 children sat the test, 1475 achieved the score. There will be two test papers of approx 50 mins each; each one containing a mixture of mainly multiple choice questions, divided into timed sections. The score weighting is 50 for verbal ability, 25 for numerical ability 25 for non-verbal ability.

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The highest possible score is 280. Pass Mark 214 was the selective score in in 2016. Bexley Grammar School, bond the rest of the places will be allocated according to the oversubscription criteria. The older child would have to score about 10 more in order to achieve the same result as the younger child. E Admissions London Borough of Bexley Tel. Birmingham and, book our CEM style mock exams. Warwickshire, please see other areas already administering the CEM 11 Plus test for examples of the test. The deciding factor in most cases will be proximity. Nonverbal reasoning for tests the ability to see how objects relate to each other.

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Click on the buttons to try our free demo tests. Stated that by law, s Educational Material for the, before acting on any information given here. Schools must take all reasonable steps how to cut a piece of paper into a tooth to inform parents of the outcome of tests before the closing deadline for the Common Application form CAF on October 31st. Note, all other children will be invited to a morning or afternoon session on either 11th or 12th September at a secondary school in Bexley.

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Children will be given a separate age standardised score for each subject and one total age standardised score.The questions will be multiple choice.These will be available to purchase until 11th September 2018.

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