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aspects of your architecture. Advanced Architectures for Oracle Database on Amazon EC2 (April 2016) PDF Approaches for deploying Oracle solutions on AWS. Infrastructure Event Readiness (July 2017) PDF AWS guidelines and best practices for designing and provisioning cloud-based applications to handle planned scaling events. Leveraging Amazon EC2 Spot Instances at Scale (March 2018) html PDF Provides an overview of Amazon EC2 Spot Instances, as well as best practices for using them effectively. Operations itil Event Management in the Cloud: An AWS Cloud Adoption Framework Addendum (January 2017) PDF Best practices for using AWS for itil event management in hybrid clouds. Websites Web Application Hosting in the AWS Cloud: Best Practices (September 2017) PDF Creating available and scalable web hosting solutions using AWS services. DevOps Running Containerized Microservices on AWS (November 2017) PDF Guidance for application lifecycle management, security, and architectural software design patterns for container-based applications on AWS. Overview of Deployment Options on AWS (March 2015) PDF Options for provising infrastructure and deploying applications to AWS. Architecting for the Cloud: AWS Best Practices (February 2016 pDF, prescriptive guidance for architects designing solutions with. Introduction to DevOps on AWS (December 2014) PDF Primer for using a DevOps approach with AWS. Backup and Recovery Approaches Using AWS (June 2016) PDF Guidance for creating a backup and recovery solution that meets your RTO and RPO requirements. An Overview of the AWS Cloud Adoption Framework (February 2017 pDF, framework to help you be successful adopting. AWS Well-Architected Framework - Security Pillar (July 2018) PDF Details for validating the security aspects of your architecture. Best Practices for Migrating from rdbms to Amazon DynamoDB (March 2015) PDF Identifying and migrating Relational Database Management System (rdbms) databases to DynamoDB. MarkLogic on AWS (December 2014) PDF Technical guidance for deploying MarkLogic NoSQL databases on AWS. AWS Database Migration Service Best Practices (August 2016) PDF Best practices for using the AWS Database Migration Service. Database Caching Strategies Using Redis (May 2017) PDF An overview of database caching strategies and implementation approaches that address the limitations and challenges associated with disk-based databases. Securities and Exchange Commissions (SEC) Office of Compliance Inspections and Examinations (ocie) Cybersecurity Initiative Audit Guide (October 2015) PDF Privacy Using AWS in the Context of Common Privacy Data Protection Considerations (May 2018) PDF Using AWS in the Context of Australian Privacy Considerations (May 2018). Enterprise Applications Best Practices for Deploying Amazon WorkSpaces (July 2016) PDF Best practices for deploying and managing your virtual desktop infrastructure. Amazon Elastic File System: Choosing Between Different Throughput and Performance Mode (July 2018) PDF best practices for running network shared file systems on the AWS cloud platform. AWS Serverless Multi-Tier Architectures: Using Amazon API aws security processes white paper Gateway and AWS Lambda (November 2015) PDF Design patterns for serverless solutions. Management Building a Secure, Approved AMI Factory Process Using Amazon EC2 Systems Manager (SSM AWS Marketplace, and AWS Service Catalog (November 2017) PDF Outlines a process using the best practices for building and maintaining Approved AMIs through Amazon EC2 Systems Manager and delivering them.

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uc davis landscape architecture phd Digital Transformation Checklist, restore, serverless Serverless Architectures with AWS Lambda November 2017 PDF Recommendations and best practices for building your serverless applications on AWS. And recovery workloads, modernize Your Microsoft Applications on AWS March 2016 PDF Describes the benefits of operating your Microsoft applications on AWS. Migrating Microsoft Azure SQL Databases to Amazon Aurora August 2017 PDF Migrating multitenant Microsoft Azure SQL databases to Amazon Aurora using SQL Server Integration Service and Amazon. AWS to drive business value and agility. Cost Management in the AWS Cloud March 2018 html PDF Provides an overview of many AWS cost management tools.

Best Practices for Amazon Simple Email Service Amazon SES July 2012 PDF Factors and best practices for mass emailing services. Building FaultTolerant Applications on AWS October 2011 PDF Using AWS service features to create faulttolerant solutions. AWS Storage Services Overview papers please sniper rifle December 2016. Networking Integrating AWS with Multiprotocol Label Switching December 2016 PDF Options for integrating AWS into your current mplsWAN architecture. WordPress, using Windows Active Directory Federation Services adfs for Single SignOn to EC PDF Single signon for hybrid environment. Robust Random Cut Forest Based Anomaly Detection on Streams Proceedings of the 33rd International Conference on Machine Learning. PDF, and tradeoffs for AWS data migration solutions.

Managing Your Microsoft Windows Server Fleet with AWS Directory Service (May 2015) PDF Using AWS Directory Service and the Simple Service Manager (SSM) to manage Microsoft Windows servers.Getting Started with Amazon Aurora (April 2016) PDF Overview and migration guidance for MySQL-compatible Amazon Aurora.

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