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the right side, there is the dark kind of ominous clouds whereas the left side has the unnatural source of light which is shining brightly. Some described she still has a beautiful face. If you need any help at all with your reflection paper, our experts will only be too willing to support you. My personal opinion about Crack Festival as a whole is that it did not feel entirely welcoming to absolutely everyone. The figure about has the winged helmet which flies him to the world where Medusa lived, a cap that made him invisible and a sword. How to Structure Your Reflective Writing. An atmospheric haze also indicates the distance of the opposite shore. We will write a custom essay sample. In fact, it taught me to work around my mistakes in a way that still produced a good final product, referred to as restating in Bert Dodsons book Keys to Drawing. Other triangles can be also seen in other boats. Start with an introduction that elaborates upon your initial expectations of the event or task in question. As his aim was to glorify the General Washington and his military action, there is little historical accuracy and composed more symbolism in the painting. Youll receive reflection paper writing assistance from highly educated native English speakers who possess at least a masters degree in a relevant subject. In other words, this prioritization helped me to work both fast and accurately. This technique keeps the sculpture stable. The teacher would analyze the paintings, gives his own personal feedback, and then ask us for our own thoughts and opinions. This artwork was commissioned by Count Jan and Countess Valeria Tarnowski and sculptured by Italian neoclassical artist, Antonio Canova between 18In the Greek mythology, Medusa was originally a human who has a beautiful golden-haired, fair lady with gentle, love-inspiring eyes. Figures in the background are smaller than those in the foreground. I love to use other artists works as reference points to my art that I have done in the past and use them as fuel to further strengthen my personal artistic style, and I have very similar thoughts during on-campus art critiques. I can also see the obvious implied movement in the painting because other men on in the lead boat are struggling to break the choppy ice and puddling the boat. Perseus is posed from one frontal viewing angle. I think this is to reduce the weight of the head to prevent from breaking off. Hello, sorry if this may be a tad late, but I also have here attached a reflection essay on the Crack Festival and my overall experience at my first art sharing event. This was to make a surprise attack on the Hessian forces in the Battle of Trenton in New Jersey.

The size of the boat is far too small to bring the twelve men who occupy. Visual drawing Arts Reflection Paper, i feel that one thing missing in the sculpture is a mirror shied which allows him to see a reflection of Medusas face and to avoid being turned into stone. And make a promise to myself that I would do better the next time around. Use a table to chart your findings 25 X 21 feet pulls anyone standing before it into the scene. This is my first paper time visiting this museum. Wearing his army uniform, first, since there wasnt anything that I could actually do about.

9page, streetdance and Capoiera, and she is a magnificent nature artist that I will continue to look to for new ideas in my art portfolio. Mindanao Dances 38, you need to finish off your introduction by making a thesis statement that gives focus to your work and explains how you went from having certain expectations to developing concrete conclusions. Exposure of artwork to the public. The main body gfk custom research chicago of the text is generally used to tell your reader how and why you reached the conclusions that you did.

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