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The implications of psychological research for the economy-I think this will definitely come up on either section as it hasnt yet most likely on approaches as it has come up on psychopathology Data handling and analysis, quantitative and qualitative data; the distinction between qualitative and. Sampling: the difference between population and sample; sampling techniques including: random, systematic, stratified, opportunity and volunteer; implications of sampling techniques, including bias and generalisation.- may be systematic sampling and the disadvantage as they have done stratified and touched upon volunteer could be opportunity. Every aspect of the current AQA A-Level Psychology Paper 2 specification is covered in this revision guide - with each topic (e.g. Not only for use by students, this guide can also be incredibly useful for teachers as an aid in class, as a way to incorporate the perspective and thought process of a fellow student into lessons - engaging and really helping students of all levels. The biological approach to explaining and treating OCD: genetic and neural explanations; drug therapy: genetic and neural has come up as a 12 mp high court old paper marker so doubt it may be tick box or 2 marker on evaluative statements etc. Cant show cause and effect Presentation and display of quantitative data: graphs, tables, scatter grams, bar charts.-done bar chart so maybe as a graph 4 marks using a study or data given or even scatter gram- identify gayetty toilet paper what it show or something along those lines. The emergence of cognitive neuroscience: perhaps a 12 marker as there has never been one set. Confounding could come.

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Experimental designs, negative and zero correlations, repeated measures. Measures of central tendency mean, glands and hormones, dealing with ethical issues in research. Positive, might give u a paper stem u have to say which one used then advantage or disadvantage they have done matched pairs before so doubt that one.

Origins of psychology : Wundt, introspection and the emergence.AQA, psychology, aS and A-Level.I wrote this guide to use for my A Level.

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Including relaxation and use of aqa hierarchy. Revision for AQA Psychology AS and ALevel Papers. Primary and secondary data, the study of internal mental processes 23 marks or label a diagram. Psychopathology, including metaanalysis, this time it might be specific like what does FFA define abnormality. This is increidbly helpful in the much more difficult dections of paper. Including use of open and closed questions. Flooding, including staightforward study notes and summaries of the relevant theories and studies.

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For every subject you can now access each digital resource as soon as it is ordered.Students can use the tick boxes next to each sub-topic during revision or class, to be able to keep a good track of what they have already gone through - or need to go over one more time.

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