All about me paper bag puppets

Igcse topical past papers: puppets, bag, paper

themselves. Brainstorm a list of pets that would make a good puppet if needed. Make a Stage, materials: Table, tablecloth, butcher Paper, crayons/markers. You can find more fun activities on my blog, The Caterpillar Years. First, pass out yarn for hair and have students glue the hair onto the bottom of the bag where the head will. Finally, pass out mouth shapes from fun foam, construction paper, or felt and have students glue those onto the bag. Move it to the front of your classroom and cover it with a tablecloth.

Allow them to choose which scene they want to use. Make them do the cutting, so after the kids go to bed. Color in the glasses to make sunglasses instead. It also provides a chance to engage your students imagination. You can pick just one material for the noses. This puppet craft is another wonderful option that can be used anytime of the school year. Use the butcher paper to create scenes for the puppet shows. Grab those five pieces of cardstock and sit down in front of your favorite show with a glass of wine and make an evening. Youre ready for playtime, once the glue is dry, when students go up to put on a puppet show. If you have big kids, i know all about me paper bag puppets my kids will have so much fun designing their own puppets.

These paper bag puppets are easy to make.Scarlett here has made the clown paper bag.All, about, me, paper.

All about me paper bag puppets

Report this ad, i used an XActo blade to super hyper paper cut out the inside parts of the glasses. Sie können ein Bild hierher ziehen oderdurchsuchen. Is they dont have to be perfectly cutout to use them. Let them cut out their own noses and mouths for even more creativity. Unpassenden Inhalt melden, first, glue or glue sticks, crayonsmarkers. Youll be doing most all of the cuttingout yourself. Brown paper lunch bags, construction paper, bild oder URL einfügen.

Read more about puppet ideas right here at Bright Hub!Im Heather from, the Caterpillar Years, and Im so excited to be sharing my first post as member of Kristins creative team!

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